No free cars on the 'Complete Add-Ons Collection'

This seems to be a rather common problem, appearing on the 'net since 2016, but so far I’ve not found a solution, and Microsoft has suggested to contact the publisher (isn’t it MS itself?), so here I am.

The title tells it all.
I had already purchased FH2 Ultimate during the E3 sale, and each car pack included in the car pass was working as expected: all cars could be added to my garage for free.

Now, four days ago I’ve purchased - with the same account - this “Complete Add-Ons Collection” to get the remaining Car Packs including the Porsche expansion, but NONE of those cars can be added for free to my garage, not even the Porsche ones coming from the Porsche expansion. All of them are listed as ‘purchased’, but they aren’t free at all.

I thought it was due to a misconfiguration of this ‘Collection’, so I’ve also purchased the ‘Pre-Order Car Pack’, but it has the same problem - NO car is FREE.

Someone has suggested waiting just 24/48 hrs, but I suspect there’s a misconfiguration somewhere which has to be manually addressed by support engineers, because after FOUR days, rebooting, hard rebooting, logging out and in, uninstalling and deleting the game data, NOTHING has changed.

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

Xbox support, after contacting one of their rangers to check what was going on, tells me that the reason why all those cars are not getting updated to FREE status even after four days is that the FH2 servers have been shutdown indefinitely. They apologized, and offered me a full refund.
Not what I was looking for, but at least I’ve received some official support.

If this is true, then keeping those add-ons on the marketplace is a bad thing. I’d appreciate an official statement from the publisher…

I had the same problem, just wait a little longer.
I bought the same collection on June 30 and only today my cars were unlocked.

Ah well, then xbox support didn’t know what to say. Their ranger got in touch with the publisher’s support today, and the only solution they could think about was canceling and refunding everything, certainly not what I was looking for…

Hats off to Turn 10 / Playground Games for this absurd outcome then, and very pleased for you, even if nearly a week wait to get what promised seems a bit ridiculous, IMO…