Ok good it wasn’t just me lol. I tried the r32 last night and though something was wrong with my system lol.

As others have said it happened after the recent update and it won’t be fixed like every other issue.

It’s not cool to call out people for their lack of English skills. The guy was trying to communicate the best he could in a language he’s obviously not comfortable with.

I would say thats the case because for some odd reason the R34’s RB26 makes more HP once maxxed out aswell… stupid IMO as its the same exact motor.

Wouldn’t mind a sound update with a sound clipping from a RB26 with an exhaust… i know the stock 32 gtr is quiet but jeez its super quiet on the game.

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Is this forum the only way to complain about issues in FH2?
I hope the sound gets fixed soon.

Has anyone worked out a fix by removing certain upgrades?

The only way to restore engine sound is by swapping in the V8. The stock engine has no sound regardless of the upgrades sadly.

Not a rare issue, can be confirmed by two other friends that have the same issue.

Not sure where I’m supposed to post bugs but this is my best bet so far.

Same problem here (Xbox One version). Found out today when my friend wanted to try R32. First we thought music was too loud. But it is dead silent.

They better patch this, if this gets thrown off to the side I’m going to get angry.

One other thing, slightly irrelevant, but the Ferrari Maranello 575M and the Lotus Esprit V8 were recorded as being in the game… what happened to them?!

At this point both are only available in the Xbox 360 version of the game, but I’m hopeful that they’ll show up as DLC for the XO in the coming months. The 1988 BMW M5 was only available on the 360 at launch but was just released as the free car in the Mobile 1 DLC this week. There are a few other exclusive cars in the 360 game, like the 2001 Acura Integra and Lotus Carlton.

That is honestly annoying beyond.

I can understand why the X1 gets the DLC special treatment but with that reasoning in mind two cars I personally like (and planned on purchasing) are being held back.

My xbox one often glitches and gives no sound at all, Turning it off and on usually fixes it

Unfortunately that did not solve the problem for me, which leads it to be labeled as a simple game bug rather than a console issue.

I honestly can’t even drive the car anymore because it feels empty without the sound. It’s like turning the radio on in real life and just hearing commercials but no music ever playing. It’s like buying a bag of Cracker Jacks and literally just getting only the peanuts that are on the bottom of the bag. It’s like having the excitement of peeling off the monopoly piece from a Mcdonalds Big Mac only for the monopoly piece to be completely blank with not even text on it.

So me and a few other people are having issues regarding the sound of the R32 or should I say the lack of it.

There is no sound what so ever!

yup this is an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:
still funny that there’s no engine sound lol, how did the latest update remove the sound files from the R32, I will never understand how that happened xD

Agree. Together with the engine sound issues that happen for all the other cars. Hopefully they can fix them.

Which others? R32 is the only car I’ve found that’s affected.

I’m talking about the common audio issues that ‘freeze’ the engine sound for a second or less. It happened on all the cars I’ve bought and tried so far.

Just like you, The R-32 is the only car I’ve found that I’ve had any issue with the engine audio. I know there are people out there saying that he engine audio on all cars is too low, but to be completely hionest, I haven’t had an issue hearing the engine audio on any car other than the R-32. Granted I haven’t driven every car in the game, but I have had no issues with the hearing the engine audio, and I drive manual with clutch, so hearing the engine is a must for me. The only issue I have run across with the engine audio, other than not being able to hear the R-32’s engine at all, is that sometimes when i’m driving, the engine audio will free for a couple seconds, but return to where it needs to be. so in my opinion, engine audio across all cars is fine with me. it does not need to be raised at all.

To expand on this - you can adjust the cars audio independently of tire noise, music and ambiance in the Audio section of the settings.

I have no sound as well! It’s a shame because it’s one of my favorite cars and the engine noise from cockpit view was absolutely incredible. I hope we get a speedy fix for this.