Hi all. Just exited the garage after tuning my skyline r32 drift build (on solo mode) & there is no engine sound whatsoever! I can still hear tyre sound, background effects etc. Does anyone know a fix for this problem??

Xbox One, with it on, Hold down the power button for about 10 seconds. Leave it for 30 seconds, then turn it back on.
Xbox 360, clear the cache, turn it off and back on again.

I have the same problem with my R32 too, like many others poeple.

Clearing the cache didn’t work. Its a bug created by the recent update.

I didn’t realise this was a bug. Hopefully they will sort it out soon. Skylines are all about the RB soundtrack!

Hi Mitchy just tried the full restart (xbox one) but still got the same problem. I can hear other drivatar engine sounds too which is strange. Also should mention the game was bought through the store & not on disc. Any other help would be much appreciated!

Well in that case hopefully they’ll get it patched asap. Or you can pretend it’s a hybrid. lol

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Hybrid skyline haha, now I have heard everything! Hopefully they do something about it soon! Just to note I switched to my Renault 5 turbo & the engine sound is working, so it must be specific to the R32 as Jeffdesign mentioned. Thanks for your help though guys!

For now its only on the R32, i tryed the R34 and its works fine. I have the disc version.

Before the update I played with my R32, I undated the game and after the restrat, i was automatically in my R32 and Surprise, no engine sound.

I lost engine sound on a car, so I changed cars for that specific race started to see if it worked and the engine sounds returned, so I went back to other car and the issue was gone.

Give it a whirl.

Same thing for me.

GG, You tuned the sound right outta the engine haha

Same has happened to me i used the skyline beforr update and it was fine after update its got no engine sound wtf.

Yep driving my R32 right now and the lack of an engine note is angering me. It’s such a nice car but I can’t shift on time if I can’t hear when I am supposed to. This only happened after the update.

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Hi I have the same problem as everyone else… after the update my engine sound for the R32 GTR went away. I even went so far as to uninstall the game completly and reinstall ( took the entire day ) but still have the same problem. Please patch asap! Strange thing is, the v8 conversion gives you sound. but the Rb26 has no sound…

It’s probably the engine itself bugged, however driving other cars using the RB26 still have sounds. (Tested R34, and 370Z with RB26 swap. Likely the R34 RB26 used to swap which explains why it works)

Ditto here, my R32 are silent, cannot fix.

the nissan skyline r32 has not engine sound at all me and my friend both tryed it same out came anybody else have this bug

Yep,happened with the update.

that is epic english

Probably because only 13% of this earth has English as their native language. Maybe if you stopped playing video games for a few minutes and actually tried to lean something useful you’d know this. Furthermore when trying to be funny/insulting about what someone writes try to at least start your sentence with a capital letter and end it with a period.