No difference of performance between dedicated graphic card and integrated graphic card

I have a HP Pavilion Power cb0xx notebook with an i7 cpu, 8 gb ram and a 1050GTX of 2gb. When I first downloaded the demo of the game, I had very low performance: I was using the integrated graphic card (intel 620?). So I changed the graphic card that the game would use (in the NVIDIA control panel) with the 1050 GTX and, as expected, the performance was hugely better.

Some time after that I had to update drivers of the 1050 GTX. After that, I have very low performance; like the first time when the graphic card used by the game was the integrated graphic card. And the performance is the same if I set the dedicated graphic card as the device the game has to use in the NVIDIA control panel.

The Demo of Forza 7 doesnt appear on the NVIDIA experience aplication neither.

Is there a solution for this? Thanks!

Come join us in this thread. perhaps with enough posts it gets the attention of the development team. As your problem seems similar to having low frame rates.

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