No day one patch? Identified and significant problems - to do list

We really need few basic fixes, without which the game is for many of players limited or even unplayable.

  • audio fix, almost no engine and tires sound at race start, driving deaf is tough - sliders?
  • wrong camer placement to wide and low in many cars, we need to use bonnet cam instead - FOV and seat position regulation like in pCARS? dash view like in Drive Club?
  • customized grid cast in free play, no chance to use such great selection of cars in scheduled own race - UI and menu tweaks, check Assetto Corsa way (simply perfect!)
  • wheel steering cranky force feedback - we don’t need more tutorials, we need proper FFB (just look at Hardware and Peripherals subforum

It seems to me that these are the most common problems, reported at very beginning.
Did i missed sth, if so please list it i’ll do my best to update. Lets keep it clear and simple for devs.

Some bigger topics summarizing community observations:

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I really hope turn 10 fixes all problems, I really do…

You do realize we now have an entire sub-form devoted to support issues?

FM6 Support


Did nobody read this ^


Read what? Was there something to read?

Hope it wasn’t important…

Changing modications on cars. I like driving a stock car to get a feel for the cars. Forcing you to drive a modded car LAME. Need for speed anyone?

Racing and modifying has always gone hand-in-hand in the real world, so I think it’s the exact opposite of lame, in my opinion.


Well my point you get a car and mod it… don’t force it as I like to feel what a muscle car handled like. Give me options not a forceful upgrade.

Game is beautiful but lacking the options though…

Yes I love upgrades but I used to like the fact I could get a stock car and be competitive with the computer. That’s out the window

Do you mean in career?
As far as I know the game asks you to confirm whether you want to drive a non-competitive car. Well it asks you twice, and gives you the option to continue.
I was able to run a car a class under the recommended, and it was fine.

Some of us haven’t even played multiplayer/leagues since we got the game, 10 days now. All in the support forum…

Hope they fix the broken clutch. I posted about it in the original bugs list that seems to have been buried. Shifter in neutral(fanatec), push in clutch and release…going in sound in game…don’t use clutch and slam into gear…no grinding noise. Clutch is bugged. Well backwards really, grinds at wrong times.

There already is a forum for these items, and you may find they’ve already been reported:

…before FM7…