No actual countdown timer

Haven’t seen a thread about it so I go ahead.

It kind of bugs me that there is none. There is the loadingscreen, then it jumps into the car and go…so basically you have to throttle when the race is loading. I find that a bit…unperfect. Really like the way the midnight battles worked with someone starting the race and your avatar looks towards the other car. In that time you can rev the engine to find the perfect spot.
So am I the only one who would like the classic, 3 2 1 go back?


Nope, bugs me as well. My first couple races when I first started I had to restart cause I was sleeping on the line every time.

Would love to have the timer back.


I agree a countdown timer is required. I only started 4 days ago and the first 2 races caught me out completely when they started so quickly. Next update race start timer please.

Same here, keep starting races with my foot to the floor just to be sure I get off the line in time, cant set my revs how I used to.

put me on the list… I have get used to it by now but if I had a choice my choice would be easy. count it down! :wink:

For most casual racing games, the foot to the floor when starting is fine. The games are designed to keep you challenged in other ways than tuning setups and throttle control. Forza Horizon 3 though is mostly simulator with a giant fan base that dives deep into building, tuning, and perfecting their driving style. So not having this is a giant pain in the tail lights. Forza Horizon 2 did have the count down but all the horizon games have one gigantic annoying feature. The lack of the H.U.D. before the race starts. This means you either have to guess and guess quick or be forced to use the cockpit view.

All right I am not the only one, hope they adress this in an update sometime in the future

They could make the timer a little shorter than the FM6 timer but it should definitely be longer than what is currently in FH3.

The lack of timer isn’t as bad as not getting the HUD until well after you need to upshift at least once for most cars. Surely enough people play from 3rd person view with manual transmission that it’s a pretty significant problem.

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I upshift based on sound.

A friend of mine said they liked it as is. Less time wasted.

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This. The hud popping up after the race has started is a big problem for me.

So what gives with this. My first shift on every car has to be totally from memory and audible cues. Which honestly isn’t that hard if you’ve driven the car a few times. However I do commonly hit the rev limiter before I shift into second gear because I’m concentrating on trying to get around the horrible AI that love to destroy you at the start.

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This. Glad the timer is gone. Could make it optional. Never liked it.

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It caught me off guard the first couple times as that is not normal for the racing genre but I like not having the countdown timer.

I can see how this would be a problem in competitive multiplayer and the higher tier difficulty single player races.


Not just 3rd person. I use cockpit and hood views exclusively, unless I’m searching for a barn. Even in cockpit (which is often dark, or the gauge is partly obstructed, or no there at all) the HUD tachometer is a necessity much of the time. It’s simply ridiculous to not get it until after 1st gear is pegged, or I’ve shifted by sound alone.

Always been a gripe of mine that you get almost no time or HUD to get your revs right for a launch.

In Horizon, the majority go for AWD and just keep their foot to the floor at the start, but I enjoy RWD and FWD as well, which require more precise throttle/clutch interaction to get a good launch.

+1 to this we need a countdown even if it just a hud to show revs before match to start or add aftermarket tacho in cars to launch right

Not sure I would classify this as trolling, stabby.
It’s simply the counter view.

The removal of timer caught me out initially butI kind of agree, now that I’m used to it, i prefer the time savings.

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