Nissan Z 2022-current

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2024 Nissan Z NISMO (RZ34)

  • 420hp
  • 9-speed AT
  • Improved chassis

I was just about to post it too!


I thought it was going to be featured in Fast X because I saw some posts about it online but turns out it wasn’t.

Still a nice bodykit though!

2024 Nissan Z NISMO

After the Nissan Z shows itself to the world, a new high-performance package is given to it afterwards. Built by none other than NISMO.

NISMO teases that the all-new Nissan Z would get a Performance-based level, that can make it as a greater successor of the previous 370Z. It gets more power, and it’s capable for road and track uses.

Its 3.0 VR30DDTT V6 gets boosted to produce 420HP, and it’s in 9-speed Automatic only. Nissan claims that the Z NISMO won’t receive a 6-speed Manual, which is included in the standard Z and other previous generation Z cars. Maybe because the NISMO package offers a lot of torque that the Manual can’t handle?

We’d be looking forward to see the availability of this brand-new performance sports car as it is going to show off this fall. It’s going to be a new member of the NISMO family as they guessed about it right away!

As if we already received the standard Nissan Z, the NISMO Z will be next when it releases to the dealerships.