Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo 1999-2005 (R34)

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Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo

This topic covers the Nismo variants of the R34 generation Skyline GT-R, for voting on standard models click here.


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  • Nismo S-Tune
  • Nismo R-Tune
  • Nismo Z-Tune
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an absolute grail

Just fix that old model of R34 (and S15) and give us all those versions as parts options! People want it for few years now and you cant deliver…


There were no Z-tunes in 1999 there was an S-tune though


The ultimate version of arguably the ultimate 90s JDM sports car, the R34 GT-R. A massive upgrade over the standard car’s claimed 276 hp, the Z-Tune develops a whopping 500 PS, more than the initial version of the R35. Developing all that power was pretty much a JGTC (now Super GT) racing engine, a RB26DETT bored out to 2,8 liters. The bodywork is also inspired by the championship-winning R34 touring cars, the suspension comes form Sachs and the brakes from Brembo. Only 19 were ever made, and considering the prices of V-Specs these days, a Z-Tune could easily be a 7-figure car if one ever comes up for sale. Final note, as the poster above said, the year should be 2005, not 1999.