Nissan Safari 1980-1989

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Nissan Safari 1980-1989 (3rd generation)

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 1985 Nissan Safari Turbo (FM7, FH5 - New to Horizon)

Why on Earth was this car in FM7 but not in FH5? Seems like a terrible decision.


It wants to join FH5 for its very first Offroading adventures. Definitely needs to be in a proper Forza game since it’s an SUV.


When I got this in FM7 recently I asked myself the same question. This HAS to be in Horizon. It’s the perfect car for it!


Well, there might be a chance for it to be added soon but otherwise, it’ll be in FH6. Sucks that it didn’t get added to FH4 unfortunately. T10 eventually got more road cars that they are supposed to let PGG have them to make Horizon a better game. Like this Nissan here, for example.

Who thinks that this’ll fit for Season 17 A.K.A The Japanese Season


I hope so, because it’s a Japanese SUV. I swear I wanna drive it real badddd!!! :tired_face:

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Why was it in FM7 at all? An old and slow 4x4 in a track racing game but not an open world FH makes no sense.

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It’s either T10 didn’t give it to PGG or it’s just licenses that were split in both companies when it comes to Motorsport and Horizon.

Actually, the Safari wasn’t added in Series 17. Even if it’s a Japanese-spec

Now, I hope to see this one being added in Series 18 because it’s a 4x4 SUV.


Good news, everyone! The Nissan Safari Turbo is confirmed as returning! Week 4 of Series 18 (why do they keep putting my most hyped vehicles in the last week?)



Nissan Safari is in a proper Forza game now. It’s New-to-Horizon as like I said, it didn’t join FH4. Well done, devs. This will be my high priority car for the next update.


I’m glad they finally added it.


Just look at that majestic box–I mean beast in the dunes, her time shall finally arrive!

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As of now, It’s going to be available in Horizon 5, folks. Will be part of Series 18 in Spring. Imagine how many weeks we have to wait for it to be ready for collection.

Your wish has been granted. Knowing that it was useless in FM7, and now it’s Useful in FH5.


Yes! I’m so happy :grin:

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Finally! Now I hope for the same treatment for the Volvo XC90 :smiley:

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also Honda Odyssey

Finally having the Safari in a Horizon game is amazing, I absolutely love this cute little 4x4!

But having it in the game has presented a brand new problem: I want more. Like five or six more. But it’s a hard to find car. I keep diving into the auction house every time I play but I’ve never seen one listed.

ARRRGH. Why can’t they put hard to find cars in the autoshow after a while?!


What a stupid policy, right? They should also add some new cars to the Autoshow for real!!! People were tired from trying to find one car they couldn’t get from the Festival Playlist if they missed it.