Nissan GT-R Nismo - DLC?

There is a picture of a GT-R Nismo but there is no one in the game. Could it be a future dlc car?

Nissan GT-R Nismo


i hope so!!!

You can make your own GT-R “NISMO” in the upgrades, that’s the beauty of Forza :slight_smile:

The Nismo GTR has radically different aero to the in-game Black Edition, it can’t be made.

Seems like a reasonable DLC prediction considering it’s on the boost cards, perhaps it was planned for the game launch but wasn’t quite ready.

Or perhaps there were issues with the licensing… That could also explain the IMSA 300ZX that seemingly appeared in one of the promotional images (way in the back of the field) only to go AWOL at launch, both cars are Nissans after all.

Yeah, I remember the 300ZX in a promo image. I was waiting for that to show up in a Forza Garage week, but never did.

October DLC, perhaps? Maybe even a free Nissan DLC Car Pack, akin to the Honda one from FH1 and FM5, Hyundai from FM3 and FM4, etc.?

Edit: I found the image/gif in question.

One can wonder.

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I don’t see those upgrades for the GT-R.

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That´s the point. A self build Nimso is not like a real Nismo :confused:

good catch