Night Racing Glitch

I’ve come across an issue in career and multiplayer in night races on Spa and Nurburgring GP. At various different points on the track, the screen goes completely blank. Pausing the game or bringing up a menu screen fixes this, however it just re-occurs in the same spots on the next lap. This however has only happened so far in cockpit view so far, and doesn’t seem to happen at on an exterior view of the car.

I tried a hard reset of the xbox, that seemed to fix the issue temporarily, but it just re-occurred again the next time I played. Ive’done some night rather on other tracks but it dosn’t happen on those tracks.

This has to do with the texture pop up issue that’s quite noticeable in FM6. Some tracks will have distant objects popping in; especially noticeable in replays as the camera angle changes.

As for Spa night, there is a very visible texture bug that cause all the lights in the paddock to go off as the replay cam angle changes. If you’re racing, you probably won’t notice it… and it is also non-existent in photo mode.

As I said, texture pop up issues. This was a known issue in FM3 as well: Sebring full where the trackside objects would disappear and pop back up.