Night Open Racing is Impossible

Maybe Playground Games put their top people on making Fable.

This game already got amazing reviews and millions of new players on Gamepass. They can ignore the community.

Or they’ve started with FH6…

Just another aspect we as the buyer/player have brought to their attention months ago with no resolve

Even if nobody believes me or doesn’t care, but I don’t have a problem at PC with the Windows 10 Microsoft Store Version of the game at night and the night at least lasts about four strolls with a class X999 car up and down the highway.

I play with the close chase camera behind the car and for me at night it is not completely black and it lasts in free roam several minutes.

The headlight bug only appear in online racing.
So if you only driving around openworld you dont have problem. (except there is other bug it make weather/night/day change non-stop every second)

After a championship > The game sometime load player into a wrong weather/time (shadow realm) > Headlight and world lighting stop working
I think it mainly happen in road/street race

I think it is still a daytime but the world lighting things gone wrong.
It is not simply the headlight not lighting up things


Another problem about interior cam are too dark

  1. Some car have tint window
  2. When camera middle point at the sky > HDR high contrast thing turn the sky lighter but also make the ground darker.

So you dont have problem with chase cam.
It simply pgg dont test their game completely…

These fan… lol. Amazing reviews?? millions of players? are you really telling me, you “trust” those sources??? that says it all lol. I dont care, the game is terrible, and things like lighting bugs preventing you to play AT ALL at some conditions should have been fixed AT DAY 2 OF THE RELEASE.

What you fail to understand is, this behaviour comes from FH3 already. Its not new. Now, if you guys could be just a little less “fanbxx” powered, you will see things clearly, obviously you dont. We are not even talking about gameplay mechanics anymore that are copied and pasted from FH3/FH4, we are talking about serious issues that are ignored by design, apparently…

Me, im waiting for another racing game that, as the other guy said, cares more about their players than FH5, that doesnt care at all. Unfortunately. Everytime i need to race at night, i can’t. Plain and simple. Its like playing a completely broken game. Please stop defending em, its getting old and ridiculous at this point.

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AGAIN, the problem occurs in cockpit view, not chase camer. People dont even bother to read lol.