Nice game ruined....

Yes, Forza Motorsport coulb be the best driving game ever.
A lot of cars, a lot of circuits, dinamic weather


All is ruined by this TERRIBLE IA and the homologation system
I been playing driving games for the last 15 years (Gran Turismo, NFS, Test Drive etc)
And this game have the WORST IA ever

Even FM6 have a better IA

You are doing a good race, after 10 laps, come another car and pushing you outside de track

And the Homoligation system could be good idea but is terrible bad implemented.
Players like me that we like to use the stock cars, now is almost impossible to join any race

I hope Turn 10 will fix this errors, but after a almost 2 month from the release we don’t have any news
Untill they fix all this, I don’t going to buy any extra car pack.


Yeah the AI does need a smack in the ear and I have had the last lap blues more than once. If you look at your car in the garage and note the current HP down the bottom info bar and then in settings advanced rules for the race make the HP <(1 above your cars HP) this will help quite a bit. You will still get knocked but a car with the same HP or less is better than a car with 100HP more knocking you into next week and you will win or make the podium more often. The issue as I see it is that the AI don’t have the same rules and guidelines we do. Sand, walls, rain, and grass does not affect them either.