Next Gen Consoles with current wheel

Hi all

I’m thinking of giving a FF wheel a go, probably going to start with the TMX.

Just wondering if anyone has an idea when we would get confirmation if current wheels for Xbox One/S/X will work on the new console?
I know it was said that current accessories would be compatible, but worried they are referring only to controllers etc…

The bug has bitten hard but really don’t want to waste money.

Thanks all!

Which model you have? Your best bet is to check online if your current wheel is compatible with 8th gen consoles

I’m looking to get a TMX or maybe TX for my Xbox One, and would like to know if possible confirmation that the wheel would work on the Scarlett, /Xbox Two…

If it isn’t going to work on the new console, I’ll wait for new wheels that will.

Just bought the fanatec CSL elite F1 setup for PS4 (yes I know this is an xbox forum) because of the interchangeable wheels for compatability with xbox one (I have the day one edition still)

While the setup doesnt work with the xbox due to the steering wheel (buying a drive hub as we speak) apparently this setup is CONFIRMED to be next gen compatible with the xbox series x!!

With the right wheel or universal hub for xbox etc

And here I was feeling stupid for wasting $1000 on a wheel my xbox cant use…lucky I have a mad pc because I literally started crying haha. And also thank fudge that drive hub thing is legit cant wait to use it with the xbox…oh and hey shout out to microsoft for letting me use my digital copy of FM7 on pc too

I use the TMX Pro and unfortunately in Forza Horizon 4 on my new Series X it does not function correctly. Anytime the wheel is off central neutral it has a violent chatter in the wheel that makes the game unplayable. The pedal set and shifter works fine and the settings are identical to my replaced Xbox One X. I have tested the wheel back and forth with the One X and it works fine on the older console and only has the issue on the Series X. I downloaded Dirt 4 to try another game and the wheel performs better in that game but still has a ton of chatter that doesn’t seem normal when off center. Hopefully a fix can be made, I thought all these peripherals were to be backwards compatible but this is unplayable right now.