Newbie Starting to learn how to build good car setups

Okay doing a build now and I’ll see what numbers I’m getting.

for arbs try 22.5 ish for th front and 18.5 ish for the rear knock the springs down 300lbs front and rear for dampers try rebound 7.5F 6.9R bump 3.8F and 3.6R

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Ok reaper mech i did that and im generally 1/2 a second to a second faster and the car feels much more stable and i can feather the accelerator alot less coming out of a corner so excellent but i just need you to do a quick explanation on how or why you chose those particular settings ?

lol i was doing that out of my head !!! you see im not even on the game atm hahaha

for me i have been tuning since fm2 so when you said rwd car i immediately went to tune the car for understeer hence the stiffer front rebound /bump and the light diff settings. after a while it becomes second nature to tune like that

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LOL ok now im impressed that you can give me an extra second on a lap time without even going in and driving the car for yrself.


please dont be impressed it took 5years of playing forza for me to do such things i had a rough time coming into fm2 near its end but at that time it was no big deal to hop into a public lobby and ask for help and ou actually got it the amount of help i got was staggering . i used what they taught me and figured a few things that made me faster than they were and im still learning .

if you need help just post all of us here in the TL will help you anytime !

Thanks for that Reaper i do appreciate anybody who helps me to learn and better myself on forza and getting help or tips can be like getting blood out of a stone,i guess its because people put alot of work into building there cars so the information on how can be a little guarded sometimes but thats the reason why i value the help.

Yrself and rabbit have been a huge help tonight and ive got alot to think about and work on but i guarantee there will be more questions in the future.

But yeah i dont want to keep on harping on and sound like a suck up but thanks again for all the help much appreciated.

I have been preferring to pick my springs based on my understeer/oversteer balance and my bump tolerance/frequency response, then choosing my damping based on grip at each wheel.

Imagine you are braking and the car dives forward and the front lock up, even with a properly set up brake-bias and spring set up… that means your front is diving and reaching it’s end range BEFORE the tires can push into the ground, therefore you need the front wheels doing MORE of the resistance to the motion (in this case, more front BUMP and less rear REBOUND; the point you are taking away from rear rebound you are putting in front bump so as to not change the dynamics of the car too much).

Lets take a more complicated scenario. You’re turning, and the back end is squatting down too much on the back rear wheel and it eventually loses grip on the outside rear wheel and you begin to fishtail as the throttle is applied; VERY common. Okay, so the outside rear wheel is hunkering down too quickly, so is the front right in extension. That means the more rear bump we add, the more grip we add to the outside rear tire; if the back inside is losing grip, then you need more rear rebound.

When you turn, think of diagonals. In the beginning of a right hand turn, you’re braking and turning the wheel, that means the front left is predominantly in compression, the back right (and left) is predominantly in extension. Look at which wheels lose grip, then make it so they do more of the work so as the maintain more ground-contact.

It’s a balancing act; if you notice you’re springs shaking the car around a lot then you’ll need more dampening for your spring set up. The stiffer the spring, the faster you need to dampen their reaction to the road.

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Thats a very intresting way of looking at it,i do lose grip on the third turn on catalunya school where the turn is a sweeping right hand turn with a raise in elevation at the start then dips down into corner 4,so what you said makes alot of sense with the front left coming under compression as the back right gets decompresson (Rebound),so im thinking add a bit more bump on the front and also more rebound on the back to try maintain as much traction as possible ?