New to Tuning - Where to start?

Hey all -

Wanted to reach out for a little guidance on tuning. I’m new to it (beyond 5 minutes of playing around with it), but not new to the Forza series of games. I’d like to up my game a bit, and get into tuning to get the most out of some of my favorite cars. But honestly, I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Where to start? Should I tinker with a lower class car first, or just start on whatever vehicle I want? I’m looking to improve my lap times overall, and get the most out of Forza 6 that I can.

Any beginners tips or guides you can point me to would be most appreciated.


the very first sticky thread is a good place to start reading…

No offence but I don’t think so. Try youtube jsr Devon. Very good information and very informative links supplied in the comments…
Not often I fully agree with someone 100%. It’s how you drive 1st, build 2nd and tune 3rd

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Ive checked out his channel and cant find the vids/comments youre referring to. Could you be more specific please?

Tip 1 build is more important than tune.

Tip 2, if u can drive higher class cars start with something that doesn’t require a build or the only real requirement is max out the build and stay in the pi (gt cars)

Tip 3: become a very consistent driver (don’t need to be the fastest but being faster helps), if you can’t turn consistent laps you won’t know if what you have done is making the car faster or not plus u won’t be able to tell if it is your driving making the car so stuff or if it is a fault in the tune.


+1, thanks for the advice to the OP Baby Cow. This will help many others as well.


Appreciate these suggestions.

Please clarify for me your meaning of ‘build’. I assume this means the parts you buy for the car itself that can raise the class you are racing in. I’m pretty solid at driving repeatable lap times and rarely don’t land ‘good’ or ‘perfect’ turns on every bend. I run manual w/o clutch (if that means much).

I’ve found that I really enjoy the McLaren 650S (especially in multiplayer), and think I would like to start there. My builds (if I’m using the term correctly), tend toward tires/grip and braking first, then shift speed/accel, and power last. Should I consider revising these priorities?

To add. Turn off must assist so the don’t mask issue with the car . But drive with the driving/ brake line on, and try to follow the same line every time.

^^ great advice

  1. Have a positive mindset- Never give up. You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great.

  2. Be humble and open to criticism- Nothinng hurts more than someone telling you that your hardwork is junk. Just take it in strides, if someone is not pleased with a tune take the time to figure out if the driver or tune is at fault. If you learn to take constructive criticism then you will progress quickly.

Ask questions- When I got smoked by another driver in the same car, I would ask them for any advice they could give and ater awhile you can take ideas from different people and then create your own

  1. Driver consistency -Most important to me. Without this the tune and adjustments cannot truly be tested.

  2. Build- Important that the upgrades are the best for the track. It took me a long time to realize this. Often adjusting the build will improve times drastically.

3.Tune- I feel the tune can only be analyzed when the driver and the build are at their best. That being said the tune is essential to shaving of those extra tenths-to seconds.
This is my opinion on the matter hope it helps.

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You hit the nail on the end.

Build is most important, tune just helps you get that little bit extra. 1-2 seconds is a lot more extra in my book

Don’t discount anything.

Start with the best build possible, get good with it on a certain track, then tune it to suit you to get more time still.

Don’t be lazy, a certain build will only go so fast. A tune is not a magic answer. If it’s still off the pace go back to the drawing board and start again. New car, new build and new tune. This is were the hardwork pays off and you learn a lot more in the process.

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my inconsistence driving causes me more problems than anything else. that’s why while tuning I’m not going at the track 100%… Usually 85-95% until I get the car almost there then start picking it up to see if the car can handle being driven in the extreme such as hotlaps

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I tend to build my car to the top of its class PI and then run a rivals. I will not attempt to tune the car until my build is good enough to put me in the mix, on the boards.


In addition to the above, I recommend this.

Once you understand why a setup change affects a car’s handling the process of developing cars becomes much easier.

Some great stuff in here with excellent words of wisdom. Many times though knowing where to start is half the battle. Softening certain aspects of the out of box tune in Forza 6 in many cases will help you tremendously with getting better mechanical grip and better lap times.

The trick is knowing how to keep a car balanced and I have written a guide on exactly how to do that.

Start with what you know. or what you think should work like in real life.

… and then throw it away and start tinkering and learn what works in the sim. This is true of any sim. Even I racing touted as the most realistic racing sim setups that work in real life on the same car don’t work in real the sim. This was said by pros of iracing.

Think everyone’s covered it.

When you know what everything does you can start to play with it. Some cars are harder to work with than others.

I’m not one generally to give advice because the bulk of my tuning is done using equations adapted around the telemetry and vehicle dynamics then fine tune to correct small issues.

Telemetry is an excellent source of feedback. Spring offset and the G meter are invaluable, it’s just hard to watch them and drive the same time.

All the information you need is in telemetry from a scientific standpoint but obviously lap time and car feel are the main factors.

Yeah I agree with that but like I said the majority of my tuning is done using equations if you want to see one of them take a look at the Optimum Suspension thread for a look at the spring stiffness equation. I don’t share the work I put into the scientific side of it anymore after the stick I got for it.

But yes feel is the top priority. Another thing to remember when you’re starting out tuning is that your habits will directly impact the tuning of the car so any bad habits you have will show in the cars behaviour for anyone who downloads it (assuming you’re going to share it).

Above all else don’t allow it to defeat you, if you’re not sure on how to fix an issue the guys on these forums will help to solve the issue. You might need to post the tune you’ve already got but they’ll be happy to help.