New to Forza

Looks like HLR Juggernaut kinda answered this in your thread in the tuning forum.

Thank you!

hey by the way… if you want practice driving through traffic, do a track day event. That’ll give you a taste of the wonky driving line you have to take while racing.

go online set up private race and invite some friends set it up to invite only then only you and friends you invite can join that server then it can be set up with whatever class you like eh pre 70s cars etc.

your on friend will tolerate crashes better than on a public lobby . hope that info helps you

This is a great idea. But kind of a bummer that it might limit how many people you can get. But if you’re gonna get a bunch of yahoos…

My least favorite courses in the world tour are the ones where they make you choose a really fast car, and then stick you on the ring with super slow cars. That road is so narrow!!! But I suppose something similar on a wider track might be a little more doable. hehehehehe

There are a number of those, some are more narrow than others, the most recent one I did was on silverstone… It’s quite a bit wider, but it was tricky getting by 42 cars, the last one was pretty separate from the others.

LOL. 42 cars? Wow.

I have a nice replay of one of the passing challenges in my storefront. Have a look.

Hey x4 banger

I have always played offline due to the people who take this GAME too seriously online, they obviously haven’t watched too much real motorsport as there is always contact in real racing and as the old saying goes rubbing is racing! and i can speak from experience as I race go karts competitively.

So if you would like to race online with me I’m happy to do some private lobbies if we can round up some more players that don’t take this GAME too seriously (as I’m not sure there is any 2 player modes)

Send me a friends request and if anyone else reading this considers themselves in the same position as myself and x4 banger also send me a request and we can start a online beginners league!

P.S - I’m no leader board hero I race for fun mainly but always attempt to race clean as it feels like more of an achievement when you succeed at it.

I kind of wondered about that myself too. I think someone here might have even stated contact is a huge no no, which kind of doesn’t make complete sense. I realize you must do your best to not, but it seems like it probably will happen. Anytime I’ve watched ALMS or whatever their body panels are many times racked up by the end of the race. Obviously t boning maliciously has to be stupid and unacceptable, but rubbing here and there seems almost inevitable and sometimes it might cause an accident by means of bumping on accident.

Lot’s of good advice here. I thought the crashing in FM4 was bad but it’s nothing compared to the hoppers on FM5 it’s absolute chaos out there., and unfortunately there no longer seems to be a Crash Team to report the worst offenders.