New to Forza 4, question about Tag Virus

Recently got Forza 4 and really got into Tag Virus, but I noticed that some lower level players do extremely better than the rest. Specifically two players that I consistently see at the top of the lobbies even though their levels are well under 100. Do any of you know how they do it? Or are their cars that are better? Though those two players use all kinds of cars. If you know the people i’m describing or you are them could you shed some light please?

It could be that they have gone past the highest driver level and once you do that it starts counting up again. My own level is well over 250 but it shows as a much lower number during the game I love tag virus :slight_smile:

Well tag isn’t really dependent on anything. Perhaps they have a better vehicle selection for the given track, or are just skilled without level to back it up.

In my case my account reset so I still drive like a level 70 but I’m only level 20-25.