New to forums w/a Drivatar question

Hello all!

I’m new to the forums (my first post), and it’s been a while since I’ve played a (true) racing game. (I used to play GT on the PS2…that’s how long it’s been. I’ve played NfS:MW on the 360 (both of them)…but they weren’t really a “true” racing games like GT and Forza…at least IMO.)

Anyway…I’m getting back into the swing of things with racing, but I’ve noticed something about the Drivatars recently (over the last week). It seems to me that they have become awfully hostile. Currently I am running in the Class Competition Series - C Class, and it feels more like a demolition derby than a race. Now, I don’t mind a little bump & grind now and then…but this is a whole 'nother level. I have (at times, multiple) cars that are coming straight at me to knock me off of the track or into the wall. I can see that this is being done with purpose and aggression.

Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?

From what I have read, the Drivatar system is supposed to “weed out” undesirable traits. Well, wouldn’t excessively aggressive driving be considered undesirable? And these are always the same names on top of the cars that are doing this.

I know that if you have a friend’s Drivatar in your race they will be more aggressive than that person would normally be; but, the super- (I’d like to say ULTRA-) aggressive Drivatars are NOT on my Friends List.

When I ran the Sport Compact Competition Series the Drivatars were no where near this aggressive. The ones in the D Class Series seemed to be a little bit more aggressive than the Sport Compact…but now, in the C Class Series…OMG.

Is it just this Class Series? This particular Competition Series? Or are players becoming more aggressive and it is transitioning into their Drivatars?

I don’t consider myself a great racer, just a middling one. But I would like to have fun while racing…and not have to fight and bash my way through on a race track. If I wanted to play demolition derby, I’d play a different game. If this is not just me, would someone please inform me as to what is going on? And if there is something I can do about it, let me know?


Dan Greenawalt specifically pointed out at last year’s E3 that the system would not mimic undesirable traits like driving backward. But, “if your friend’s a griefer, then his drivatar’s going to grief.” If you see the same names, maybe try finding them in the console Friends search and choose Avoid to see if that prevents their drivatars from appearing.

Drivetars can be a pain but the best i can tell you is race them incredibly clean. The cleaner you are generally the cleaner they are. Yes some will still smash you you dont need to finish first to pass the race. Take you time and work thru the field using caution

I’ve noticed this seems true. Also, you tend to get better drivers (read as: less aggressive because they can actually pass cleanly and don’t need to grief you) if you raise the difficulty slightly. Of course, you will also get paired up with faster drivatars, so be prepared.

Thank you all for your input!

I do try to race clean. Like I said, I don’t mind a little bump & grind…but I don’t go all Mad Max or Death Race 2000 on the track. I actually try to actively avoid hitting the other cars, but when they’re all piling up on top of me it’s kind of difficult to do that.

I will try increasing the difficulty and see if that works. That might make for some more exciting races. (So far I have only one person that consistently beats me in my races (as far as placing goes)…and he’s actually on my Friends List…hehe.)

I have it have it on hardest setting. Its only certain tracks that I get grief… dont know why… alps, sebring, and atlanta…its annoying.