New to FM6 - Basic Qs

Played a lot of FM5 but haven’t played it in over a year…just picked up FM6 and had a few basic questions:

Noticed the wheels spin when changing gears - do you need to let off the gas when shifting manually or am I just in a badly tuned car? If I remember correctly, FM5 let you keep the pedal to the metal when shifting.

What are people using for settings (controller users)? No longer have FM5 and can’t look up things like dead zones, etc.

Also, is normal or simulated better for controllers?

Any notable differences in FM6 vs. FM5 with respect to driving or are physics/tactics largely similar?

Thanks in advance.

Wheel spin when changing gears. It all depends on the car you’re driving and the build/tune you’re using. Which ones are you noticing the wheel spin on when you shift?

I’ve got my inside settings set at 5 and outside set to 100 for steering. For accel/decel I’m running 0/100 respectively. Stella Stig has a video on his controller settings.

Normal vs. Sim Steering. That’ll be a personal choice. For me I prefer Normal for the controller and Sim if I’m using a wheel.

Thanks Shaggy - found Stella Stig’s video - good resource

On the wheel spin issue, I am using some downloaded tunes for B class muscle cars and find that the wheels spin, then catch causing the car to jump forward a bit on the upshifts to 2nd and 3rd gear … don’t remember this happening in FM5 and wondering if I need to ease up on the accelerator while shifting like in real life