New time attack club anyone?

I’ve joined. Let me know if I’ve shared too many cars. Thanks, and hope all’s well.

I made a club sticker. It’s simple (plain/boring) as I have no talent, but I imagine if you search vinyl groups for clTA it should come up. I thought it might be a fun touch but if you’d prefer I take it down I will. Sidenote: you’re really fast, SpencerMA71R. On most of the Rivals challenges you’ve posted I can’t keep up. I spent most of today trying to catch whatever little car you’re driving on the Catalunya School FWD Time Attack Rival challenge and couldn’t ever really pull alongside let alone pass :slight_smile:

Something I’ve wrestled with is tuning the Shelby 427 Cobra to 600 PI to maximum effect. One thing I’ve appreciated from having access to this Club Garage is getting to see how properly tuned cars are constructed. Thank you for that, SpencerMA71R. Can I ask a favor though? I’ve synced/uploaded what I think is my best handling effort to date for a Cobra without adding aero (just can’t stand the sight of it on them; an aesthetic issue). It’s still a throttle sensitive drive, but that aside, I was hoping for some feedback/constructive criticism. I thank you for your time; hope all’s well.

Thanks man. Sorry I haven’t been on here recently. I usually put cars in their class if I know they can handle it. Some cars can move up a few classes and be competitive, while some I go up maybe one class, or maybe none at all, if I can get away with it. I usually go with handling characteristics first, then move on to the engine. Yes, I know spoilers can be unattractive and you can lose some top speed, but if you’re aggressive in the corners, you’ll definitely benefit from it. Without some downforce, your car will get squirrely under braking or turning into a corner (understeer, mostly).
If the car is getting too much bite under throttle, I’d suggest going with a stock, or sport flywheel. The slower the engine revs, the less it will try to break lose. Some of my cars, I run the stock or “Sport” flywheel. The Cobra is a light car with a big ole’ 427ci engine, so it’s going to light up those rear tires as quick as possible. Going back to a heavier flywheel will help for sure.

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Never upgrade the flywheel… Ever. Unless the car won’t fill the PI cap even with every single possible upgrade. Same goes with clutch.

Oh yeah, sorry to everyone who’s in Club Time Attack (clTA)
Currently, my account is locked (due to some payment issue). It’ll be unlocked soon, and I’ll be back to running a Time Attack lobby.