New player and just got a week ban

I don’t think that anyone should be banned from a game that they paid for. I think that ideas have to not ban them.

Unless they actually mod the game, or do something dangerous towards the public.


They aren’t banned from the game - just the multiplayer aspects and only for 7 days. Perfectly sensible way to deal with toxic driving.


Oh, well the auction house should work then as it works in Solo.

I couldn’t access the auction house, rivals, playground games, download tunes, etc. A large part of the game they advertise and i paid for was inaccessible. I just got a server error. I wouldn’t have been bothered so much if it had been the one specific part of online I messed up in.

I think a sensible way to deal with bad driving is to start with a warning then move to a ban. Only ban people from the modes they displayed the bad driving.

While I strongly support banning rammers, let’s take a step back to consider FH4 approach of that aspect.

Except in enforcement guidelines, I don’t know of anything in FH4 indicating players that they should not behave aggressively, should not ram, should not use other cars as bump to pass a corner etc. May be I took the habit to go super fast through the menu and skipped this kind of message but all FH4 is based on the principle that the sole important thing is to get first to the finish line whatever it takes.

In fact going from FH3 to FH4, we had skill chain removed, wall riding and corner bombing eased to the maximum ( it was only removed when they had to concede online was not playable ). If that is not saying welcome to rammers, I don’t know what it is.

One time, I did discuss with some kid after he failed heavy ramming and missed the checkpoint. He was not raging or upset, for him, ramming and blocking was his strategy to beat other players. Of course I sent him to the guidelines but, let’s be honest, who reads the guidelines of a game before playing …

In the end, I am clearly supporting banning rammers but I also understand some players could be surprised. Banning has to come after indicating clearly in the game what are the rules and rewarding players following the rules.

On the solution aspect, ghosting the cars involved in a long contact should be enough to get rid of most ramming situations. Given the guy leading FH5 is the same one who explained the concept of team was expected to prevent ramming …

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1 week is your first warning
2nd time its a month
3rd time its permanent


Seriously!? Thanks, think I’ll stay away from online as much as I can.

Yielding is probably best. Braking at the right moment and seeing them flyoff would be very satisfying.

Bans are not discussed on these forums If you have a question about enforcement, contact Forza Support through the Enforcement Guidelines article there. Thanks

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