New Photo Mode/Rework

Honestly we need a reworked photo mode, that allows us to have what the devs have. Changing time (Client Sided), open car doors and raytracing (for compatible pcs etc). The photo mode we have at the moment is very plain and has been brought through all the FH games with no change, we need more freedom to take photos. It is very boring to take photos in FH5 at the moment because the environment ruins the photo, so a time changer or a light maker would be great for this game because sometimes you cant get good lighting at a place you like. It would only show up on your side when you are in photo mode and would allow you to brighten your image. We also need a reflection changer, Its very annoying that some cars just don’t have much refection so it would be great if we could get a slider or something to fix that.


Photomode does need a desprate update. Definitely more creator tools are needed. This feature hasnt been properly updated like forever.

Not only that i hate how photomode in h5 blurrs every inch of your screen. I wish to be able to create nice and crisp images in photomode.

I literally prefer using drone mode to take photos

Just to add to your suggestions (which would be awesome btw)

-easy way to batch download all your photos (and in a higher resolution) since there is a limit on how many you can have for some reason
-easy way to delete them, since there is a limit
-front wheels of car should be able to be turned in photo mode (better, more action-oriented shots)

If I’m missing a way to do these things, please let me know.

I loved using photo mode until it became a chore to try and download the photos because I ran out of space, now I don’t use it anymore.


They need to make photomode so that when you take pics you instantly snap and take a photo after photo without interuptions. And then if you want to share it with others you can simply do that but afterwards by going into the creative hub or whatever

Its really irritating taking a photo and then having to wait 60 years till the game processes the picture… then prompts you to add a name for it and tags and then you got a photo taken…

Also make the photos save locally. And then browse them through the creative hub or whatever and pick which you want to share. This will take away the need to have a photos limit.
If that cant be done on xbox at least allow this for pc players.

I know for a fact having played nfs heat that its literally like this and it works.


So I spoke with some virtual photographers about this topic and see what would they want to add/improve.
Heres a little summary on the most popular/relevant features (I decided to separate these aspects on their difficulty to develop from an outsider pov/chance of being implemented, hopefully bringing in even more attention to this topic):


  • Being able to adjust the sensitivity/speed of the camera movement

  • Increase the range of the camera (higher and lower altitudes, being able to reach closer to the car aswell as the inside of car without the usage of bugs)

  • Hide the Horizon Arcade/Open/Tour alerts whenever the player hides the UI (there has been plenty of occasions where good pictures have been ruined by this alert)

  • (Online only) Reduce the delay when entering photo mode (your car becomes uncontrollable for a small period of time between opening the photomode and being in the photo mode itself)

  • Toggle on/off the reflections that come off of the car and light sources like headlights and street lamps.

  • Save in-game presets from the player (just like how it works with the predetermined settings at the top)

  • A shadows slider setting (the ability to make the shadows brighter/darker while not affecting the overall brightness of the picture)

  • (PC only) Better controls for the camera/customizable controls on its own section.


  • Better render distance, better textures

  • Being able to set the graphics mode on Photo mode, being independent from the actual graphics mode selected in-game

  • Better/more accurate panning, with better focus

  • Being able to toggle on/off the other cars that appear (just like how you can do it with animals/people and the character)

  • The option to put artificial lights in the scenary/picture (similarly to how the Spiderman game’s photomode works)

  • The option to toggle/interact with certain parts of the car inside photomode (the active aero, convertible’s tops and, as mentioned before, the car doors and hood)

  • A polarising filter option (to toggle on and off)
    [Thanks to @cytographyy on ig for sharing this with me]

  • A tracking shutter mode that will follow the car around a corner, making this effect as an example:

    [Thanks to @the_horizon_vault on ig for sharing this image as a reference]

  • (Offline only) Being able to put your in-game character near the car (when the car is stationary) and performing non-over the top poses (looking at the car, taking a picture with a camera, sitting/leaning on the car)
    There’s already a post about this specific feature:
    Character in Photo Mode


Aside everything mentioned from others about the reworked Photo Mode, there should be an ability to put another car to the picture for a big immersion. Some of us thinks that we want to picture our Personal car collection from our garage to show off our own cars in our safehouse or anywhere in the map.

Another car into a picture

There’s already a post available that talks about this specific topic, make sure to vote on it

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You should definitely be able to mess with the time and weather. Also I want to turn lights on or off so pop up headlights go up or down like in Forzavista. Now you have to wait until the lights turn on or off. Very time consuming.

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Thanks. Much appreciated.

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Good news, everyone!!!

We’ll have to wait for 1 month to see the full details…


You can turn off shutter speed and aperture for zero blur(focus)

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Try reading what is said at the bottom of the screen in menus and photo mode. A lot more is possible then you think

After you have finished the core game stuff its getting boring, to keep people playing this game needs the creative part, and photomode is part of it. It should be more benefit and have better usability.

Or a new game+ where we go to a new race season of the Horizon Festival, much like in FM4.

Photo Mode was enhanced in FH5 with the May 23rd, 2023 content update, including:

  • Time of Day Changes: Default, Dawn, Sunrise, Morning, Early Afternoon, Late Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, Night.
  • Weather Changes: Default, Clear, Clear Post Rain, Cloudy, Cloudy Post Rain, Overcast, Light Precipitation, Heavy Precipitation, Gale, Fog.
  • Wheel Tilt: Default, Straight, Left, Right.
  • Guidelines: Disabled, Different Aspect Ratios, 9x9 Grids, Golden Ratios.
  • Character Positions: Driver Seat, Centre Front, Left Front, Right Front, Centre Back, Left Back, Right Back, Left Side and Right Side. The vehicle must be stationary to access character positions outside of the car.
  • Character Emotes: Various emotes unlocked by the player are supported.
  • Photo Presets: Added to the “Effects” menu, players can save, rename and delete Photo Mode presets to quickly load their favorite Photo Mode settings.
  • Portrait Mode Toggle: Accessed through the Guidelines, this allows players to view how the photo will appear in portrait view.

If you would like additional upgrades such as reflection, please open a new topic. Be sure to keep topics to one idea each (with helps both voters and the dev team to track specific requests), and use a clear title to convey the basic idea of the suggestion.