New mixer rules since march patch


how can i see on mixer which stream is eligible for earning influence? the mass of idle streamers which play some hours a day aren’t, i know, but how can i differ on the first sighting?

really? nothing?

You only can see it when youre in the stream.
Above the streamers name is this icon if the stream is giving influence / rewards:

ATM it´s broken anyways. they said mixer is working on it.

yeah the “loot” icon comes everytime on any fh4 stream, but not all of it are giving influence because of:

“Conditions for awarding influence from Mixer have been changed to favor active gameplay streams”

and kratos from mixer says:

There was an update from the Forza Team back in March that Forza influence can only be awarded if the streamer is actively playing the game Forza Horizon 4. We would recommend to find a stream that shows a streamer who is actively playing the game in order to earn Influence.
We would recommend to reach out to the Forza Support for more details on this feature. We have no control over how Forza Influence is managed. We still recommend to find actively playing streamers. This means the cars cannot be sitting for long periods nor can the streams be on the home page of the game. If the game is not actively playing, it doesn’t count for Forza influence.

so i can’t see where mixer is working on anything for fh4 influence…