New lighting system

Why are so many people moaning about the new lighting system? There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s far more realistic than it was.

The previous perfect day light that we’ve had before is sooooo unrealistic. The new system mimics real life so much better.
When u go out is the light always perfect? No it’s not, u have clouds, shadows, low sun etc etc. When u go out in real life the light levels vary so much. You can go down one street with the light damn near perfect n turn a corner n be in shadow or have the sun directly in ur face blinding u. Same goes for entering a tunnel. In real life u do get a second of blindness as u go from the light of day to the darkness of a tunnel and out again.

The lighting system is far more realistic than it has ever been in any racing game ever. Oh n before u leave a reply moaning and arguing my point n say it’s undriveable I say this I can do it n I would put myself only as an above average driver.

Also those moaning about the sun blinding u at certain tracks, have u forgotten the blinding sun approaching the final chicane at Nurburgring gp on 6?

Same goes with the rain. (Dynamic weather) It’s a vast improvement on just having it rain or not rain.