New Leagues: S800 Global Touring | X999 Ghosts | P998 Porsche Prototypes

Happens a lot this where unintentional wrecks snowball out of control and its usually the innocent party that is then targeted as the wrecker, I don’t use a mic cos I cant get the damn thing to work so I am forever apologising by message after the race even though I know it ain’t my fault, just to stop being targeted.

Nor do I use a mic, but I’ll apologise via message everytime it’s my fault. I use xbox smart glass on my phone so messaging is fairly easy.

Smart glass is cool but there seems to be a delay on mine people have messaged me back after I’ve shut down the Xbox, turned out all the lights, crept up the stairs quiet as a mouse slid into bed besides the wife, thinkin if she wakes now I’ll tell her “…there, there love its only 11 o’clock…” ( really 3am ) then BAM!!!! smart glass message like a freakin grenades gone off “…Soz mate…”. I have now altered the setting, lesson learnt

Liking the touring cars, the Volvo is fun to use.

I’m tuning the Volvo once I finish work tonight, did one for the bmw which is OK on handling tracks, still needs a bit of work to make it competitive with the front runners. I won’t use FWD, hate it!

Mike, is the Volvo tune your own or one you’ve downloaded?

I use EMW IVORBIGUN’s grip tune and it works very nice, haven’t tried a speed setup for it yet though. I tried the BMW but I am not a fan of the way it delivers it’s power, but it has very good acceleration. I might try out the FWD cars today, CQR Tactical was doing well with them yesterday.

Only front wheel drive car in my lobby right now! I guess it’s an achievement to get consistent fast laps in the Audi, although winning is hard because I lose so much on the start.

Being an Audi fanboy, I wish the Volvo wasn’t allowed. But I guess I just need to submit and buy one

Really good fun again in Pinnacle tonight. Raced for 3 hours and didn’t get wrecked at all, apart from once where it was my own fault and once on what I’d decided would be my last race anyway.

I’m glad they are addressing it. It would be a nice break from F1 or Indy to change cars for night. Doing race after race X wears you down after a while. Be a nice change of pace to switch out every so often. Sure you can win that way since you can see the line but it doesn’t make any sense in a league. There is enough nonsense going on. If we all take the proper car we will be competitive. It also causes massive quitting.

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I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t done a league since the IndyCar league and I’m having fun with the Touring Cars. Sure it’s still hit or miss on getting into a good lobby without wreckers and when I find a good lobby I don’t leave.

I’ve done over 30 races in the Volvo and only now I realize the engine is in the middle, no wonder it’s so good compared to the rest.

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Just leave the bloomin leagues open all the time for God’s sake!

Seriously T10, if you’re not able or willing to fix the public hoppers and are happy to leave them as shamefully unplayable as they are, then at least don’t arbitrarily close the only mode where there’s an outside chance of a decent race for hours at a time. They’re just glorified hoppers anyway, nobody really gives a toss about the half-baked scoring system.

I was actually having fun tonight, then at midnight the league closed. I was enjoying racing and not ready for bed so I decided to hit the hoppers during the gap. In two hours I didn’t find a single lobby that didn’t have at least 1 rammer or more than 1 person who could lap within 2 or 3 seconds of me even though I was choosing non-optimal cars.

It is astounding that any company would take the only glimmer of online playability it’s got and arbitrarily close ot down for hours at a time, forcing its customers to remind themselves just how appalling most of the mutiplayer experience is.


Another week where there’s a league I’m enjoying but can’t play because it’s closed during my Xbox time (which is roughly midnight to 2 am this week due to my wife’s shifts).


Yea it seem like the league close right in the middle of my window, leaving me just turn it off. Just stupid.

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Unfortunately all the complaining is in vain. It seems like T10 is sticking the finger to their hardcore players. There have been various videos out proving that T10 is slowly leaving more and more the “path of motorsport” by not fixing track limits and sending out wrong signals by encouraging people to cut corners like in the 1st round of the ST series at Monza, and the Apex event “outside the lines” is just a bad joke. The new philosophy is: Do what you want, there are no limits, no rules. Racing etiquette? We just don’t care, and honestly, I’m not going to support such anti motorsport attitude anymore. All they’re doing in every interview is just lying in the face of their fan base, that makes me just want to throw up. There was a time where Forza was the top sim on consoles. It’s just a bad simulation of a simulator now, of course in 1080p and 60fps, and If I were the director it would be so embarrassing to see what the game has become…

I’ve only recently started FM6 and ventured into the Leagues the other day, starting with Ghost (Grassroots naturally). The only X999 car I have is from a DLC pack, the Ferrari 641, which seems to be much faster than the Indy cars some people were selecting. I have to say, the brakes are amazing - I had to accelerate round corners, because braking at the usual point stopped the car dead. I’d read that this happened to people who tried a real F1 car - the acceleration and stopping power are beyond anything else, and the grip likewise, once the tyres are warm.

Unfortunately, once I’d got better with the car, the lobby shrank to just two of us, and the other person was a clear few seconds a lap faster than me, limiting the racing to a procession; a bit like real F1. So I thought I’d try the Global Touring lobby. I quickly found that leaving 6 inches free on the inside of a corner was an open invitation for someone to overtake there, pushing me to the outside; or that braking for the first corner meant I got rammed from behind. Neither are new complaints on these forums, but so is an air of entitlement, therefore I feel entitled to whinge about it. Job done, I like these cars, so I think I’ll use them in Rivals.

Really enjoyed the global touring car league this past week. Seems like the best leagues always fly by…

Has a reason been given for the closures? Do the hamsters powering the T10 servers need to be fed & watered? To me there just doesnt seem to be an excuse.

Also on the X league,how come cars like the Jag & Porsche LM cars are in the list of my cars to be used,but cant be chosen,or even upgraded to X before the race?