New issue after Dec 3rd update. infinite save loop in paint and upgrade

Why? Do you play on pc?

I play on PC. I said that I’m not loading the game for a week until the next update. But if PC people are OK I might trust loading the game.

I’m on PC and not having this particular problem. The only new issue I’ve found so far is a brief freeze upon starting any race. I’m interested to know whether anyone else is experiencing that on any platform. Oh, it also does it when you exit the garage to free roam.

Yup, have that on PC MS store version.

Thanks for the info, can anyone on the Steam or Xbox versions chime in with whether they have this issue too? You’ll probably have noticed it if you do, it’s quite jarring at times.

No, had multiple game breaking issues while in the tuning screen, paint screen and many other screens while waiting to play the game. It’s broken badly right now. I have to hard reset the console every time I upgrade or paint a car

So each platform has got its own unique new bugs with this patch, lol. Back to the drawing board for the devs I guess.

Not questioning your judgement. But why comment here when it’s obvious console people are having obvious problems.

It wasn’t that obvious it was console related.

What the hell is going on around here

Or should we all not play the game for a week until it sorts itself out.

Decided your absolutely right. It’s Not my game. It’s everyone else. My internet is crap. My skills are crap. My house is crap. My motorbike is crap.
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Erm… I know the situation is frustrating, but it doesn’t look like Aqua said anything to provoke such a vitriolic response.

Your absolutely right. I should not downgrade my response to equal that of the replier. I should ignore the negative and respond only to the positive. That is our lives now. The disease will not ruin our lives. Flat earth rules’!!!

Do you even remember that this is about FH5 having a faulty update? Your response seems to suggest that you have forgotten, and now it’s about your entire life. You realise that faulty updates get fixed usually in a week. It’s not some world problem.

Update. I have this game installed on both consoles, the new Series X and the older One X. The infinite save problem only appears on the new Series X console.

I concur, they thoroughly broke the game.

I have had no new issues of this nature on the original xbox one.

This is confirmation of that I guess.

I have seen none complain about this on xbox one…or am I the only one stuck on old but reliable tech lol

I’ve had it once on Series S, there are a couple other posts that say Series S but the majority posted are Series X.

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Twice more here on Series X, once when collecting a car I won at auction and again after purchasing from the auto show. Once it’s gone past the usual 2 or 3 seconds for the “Saving…” message you know that’s it, need to quit the game. I’m not sure I want to risk losing my progress at this point, it’s just going from bad to worse.