New here, first pics

Cloudy Sky
Slammed Bimmer

Playing with Contrast...

Spirit R


S15 at the one track I forget the name of... Nurjinborg (I can't spell)
My favorite picture I edited.
Not modded, I actually hit my car against the wall on one side so the bumper would fall off.
Redeye, a rival from my favorite racing game, Tokyo Xtreme Racer
SC300 Missile

If only there was actually a Sileighty in the game...
Very first pic from very first day of playing Forza 4/Xbox 360

Well that’s all of my pictures, please send some me some feedback about them. I never get noticed in the Storefront/Photo Contest so I decided to use the forums.

A selection of creative photos

Hi All,

First post, first couple of images of some cars i have had a play with.

Any comments feedback always welcome.

Not bad.

I like the level of aperture in your first shot.

I like your 2 first shots. Creative like you said. I would maybe add a bit of aperture.

Other than that good job.

Forums is the best place to put up pictures and get noticed. Nice shots.

This one is my favorite.

If I can suggest something is to focus and add aperture. Gives and whole new dimension to the pictures