New Game Mode Request: Delivery Runs / Taxi Services

I’ve been hoping this kind of game mode would reach Forza Horizon for years. When I played GTA Online by far my favorite activity was something called “Sightseer.” In fifteen minutes you’re tasked with retrieving three different items which randomly spawn one after the other from a predetermined set of locations across the map. Each one automatically sets your GPS but how you get to them is completely up to you. After all three are collected or time runs out you get paid with lesser values if you don’t collect them all.

Not only does FH5 have an amazing map for this sort of activity but it could give us a reason to visit so many neat locations we normally have no reason to stop at or may not realize exist. In addition, this could be handled in freeroam sessions so while some people are drifting about or pursuing others in police cars, some of us could be making some money zipping about in taxi cabs or delivery vehicles. As an added bonus, having some route randomization could help inspire new Event Lab races as people discover fun little areas or nice roads to tour.

Back when FH4 had the addition of the Taxi business I had hoped like crazy it would mean we could use our own vehicles to pick up and drop off NPCs to random locations across the map in this sort of method. Unfortunately what we wound up getting was heavily scripted and forced which vehicle you could use. I pushed through these missions once then never thought of them again.

If we had more structured freeroam activities like this I would be constantly driving about. I would drive every single vehicle in the game through these kinds of missions. I would design my cars to look like taxis or delivery vehicles and go absolutely bonkers with unmodified Vanduras. If it could be played co-op with a convoy then I would certainly do that, too.

In general I want to see more casual PvE activities with replay value, things to give me direction and keep me on the move while enjoying the environment and the drive. There’s probably a hundred great pickup or dropoff points around Horizon Mexico just waiting to be used for delivery runs.

Please make this happen!

I forget what’s called but they have something similar already where you must race between 2 sets of flags. I much prefer your idea though.

To answer to your question, that type of challenge are the Trailblazers. The delivery run sounds much more interesting, and I think there should be a mechanic where damage is also monitored and a full stop on the finish completes the race, to stop people just cannonballing into the building.

Also, what will we be delivering? Some festival equipment, taxi service, maybe even Mexican cuisine? (cough, not cartel running, cough)


I like the idea of monitoring damage too just like in FH4. It would also be cool if we could see other players doing deliveries on our map so that we could smash into them.

Trying to smash into these drivers turns the idea into something far different from the casual experience I was suggesting, however. We already have the ability to enable damage though so if people wanted it they could have it, and that would add some excitement to the drive if desired.

Maybe another option which would turn it into a PvP event? Like preventing a VIP from reaching their destination. If I have to deal with rammers while running a taxi service then I’d end up playing offline. Painting a target on my back is the last thing I want, we have game modes for that already.

If players want to reach the objective by tearing cross country from point to point then I say let that be an option, too. You could do the same in Sightseer.

As for what to deliver I hadn’t given it any thought. Food? Pinatas? A spare change of drift tires? Doesn’t matter to me, I just want to do the driving.

In terms of obstacles, I have a rather far-fetched idea - traffic. Sure, 90% of the entire place is rural, but I think it should be something for, say, Guanajuato or Mulege.

Side note: Does anyone wish that Playground made a replica of Mexico City? That would’ve been GREAT there.

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Having largely run out of anything meaningful to do in this game I decided to take a shot at making my idea work. Who needs cash when you’re having fun, right? I finally have a reason to see the world, take in the sights and sounds and simply enjoy the cars at my own pace.

Perhaps this will help inspire others. If you happen to see someone tearing around Mexico in a vehicle with the HMMRDWN Deliveries logo you’ll know where it got started. C and D classes have been an absolute blast!