New Game+ mode/New Horizon Festival seasons

To make Forza Horizon 5 more replayable I think it would be cool that when you finished all the races and won Goliath (which can now be done whenever you please….), you progress to the next season of the Horizon Mexico Festival. This would be much like the career progress in Forza Motorsport 4 (and earlier? But I can’t remember those) where you also got new seasons and started over. This way players get to experience the festival again but will get to use their garage cars that are now fully built and painted. It would be fun to try out new cars and redo the PR stunts.

Right now when the game is done, it’s done. It’s never even stated, you just finish all the races and that’s it. No winners cup, thank you, congrats or anything. After winning a season give us an option in the game menu for ‘New Season’ or ‘New Game+’ or whatever. Also it would be cool to at least see our avatar hold a big shiny cup or something.

In the old days racing games would pad the track number by letting you race them in reverse. It would be cool to have new game+ reverse all the races, including point to point. Cross country might be tricky because of the jumps though.


With all the new content Horizon 5 gets I think a New Game+ mode would be cool to enjoy all the new cars in a new Horizon race season! Preferably with a more logical progression this time, so we don’t unlock the Goliath right from the start!

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I think my previous reply is even more important now with all the new cars and features the devs are adding!

Please consider adding a New Game+ mode so we players can enjoy the new content properly! If you play Single Player there isn’t much to do if you finished all the races!

And also consider a better progression for the races. Don’t unlock Goliath early on, for example. It makes no sense!

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The game isn’t really Forza Horizon 5 anymore but rather turned into Forza Horizon 5.5 now. With a New Game+ mode and/or a continuous race schedule, we could enjoy all the new content we’ve been given since launch. It’s a LOT and they haven’t even stopped with the Series Updates. There are still plenty to come if we take Forza Horizon 4 as an example.

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With the new content FH5 is receiving and especially the Fast X car pack I think it would be good to let us start a New Game+ with some new Stories to tie some of those car packs in the game. Let us race various Fast X cars in missions to introduce them if you bought the pack. And in general let us experience all the amazing new content with a fresh start.

I will day that I think the career mode should be reworked so it isn’t child-like easy like now where you do 2 races or 1 PR stunt and you already unlock the next part. Let us work for it a bit.

FH5 turned into a live service game so what’s the point of Single Player if you can only do it once? Please don’t focus solely on Multiplayer.