New FRICTION assist, massively OP in the wet.

That would do it!

What he said Zedeeyen, is says so in game!

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So you were 9 seconds faster with friction assist on and no traction for both wet and dry?

That’s literally insane.

That’s game breaking for multiplayer. Glad it makes the lap dirty for rivals.


this CANNOT be a setting in hoppers and multiplayer in general, if that is true i won’t bother with multiplayer at all.


No only that much faster in wet, in Dry it’s a bit faster without it.
But agreed it’s good that it will at least invalidate your LB times.

Oh so the 2:24 Dubai should be 2:34?

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I think you may be hooked up on that 10 second thing lol it the friction assist was nearly 10 quick in the wet at the Nurburgring GP. Friction assist off at Dubai was only a couple of seconds quicker not 10.
The quickest time I’ve heard so far there is a 2:28 flat.

I’m with you on that one. Don’t understand why ut was implemented in the first place in all honestly.


It better not be in multiplayer is right, this would completely ruin the game. All the complaints about corner cutting and they add the perfect tool to continue doing it. Its funny that when people want more hardcore options in forza we’re told to play another game, but less skilled players cant be bothered to learn how to actually play the game and have things like this added. Whats the point of adding wet surfaces if theres an assist that negates its effect.


It seems organised racing will be the way forward. That or just private lobbies with friends, or the high league lobbies where you can’t use it.

So I noticed the option friction assist now exists and frankly this seems like a cheat.
For those who didn’t know or noticed, this assist removes the different levels of
grip from different kinds of surfaces.

I understand the need to make the game accesible for new comers but do you really
need to provide the possibility to remove all challenge from the game?

The reason I am concerned is because if you are allowed to use this assist, it gives you
a clear advantage over your competitors online. And saying that everybody is welcome
to use it is not a good excuse. That’s like saying every olympic competitor should be allowed
to use doping. It corrupts the competition…

Can someone shed some light at this?


I too believe it should be banned from almost all Multiplayer Hoppers and Leagues.

The only places I can see it being okay to use are in Hoppers dedicated to Beginners (like the C-Glass Collisions Off Beginner Hopper from Forza Motorsport 6) or the bottom 2 Divisions of Leagues. Ban it everywhere else as a “flick this switch to gain 8 seconds a lap in the wet” option will pretty much negate all of Turn 10’s efforts to balance cars and Classes with its PI and Homologation Features.

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I’m glad they finally put some friction assistance in the game to help all the players who enjoy corner cutting and ramming. They pay $ to play the game and and tired of always being in last place. friction assist is going to be in hoppers to balance the experience for all. I wish people would stop whining about this. it’s only going to make the game more fun because now you have to deal with cutters and rammers on you all the way till the end race. instead of staking out until you come around next lap.

Good news everyone, it’ll only be available in Beginner Hoppers.


We will be disabling this assist for rivals events and some multiplayer hoppers. Beginner hoppers will allow this, but the more common hoppers will not. This is not a cheat, this is an assist to help new players.


Cheers Ian, thanks for clarifying.

Slightly off-topic, but could you look into this tweet too please? Having some info on this pre-release would be of great help.


Just thought I would chime in on this, but just because it’s a beginner lobby doesn’t mean elite players won’t enter that lobby. Trust me when I say there will be lots of fast players that use this to cheat, making beginners upset also. I recall C class hopper ghost lobby was a beginner lobby, but many fast players including myself joined to avoid the chaos online. I don’t see how this assist benefits anyone really. You’d imagine after auto brake and all other assists on that would be plenty. This added assist just encourages more track cutting since there’s no penalty for an off. The lap time is void anyways, but that doesn’t mean people won’t abuse it to win.

Just my advice, but I think you better prepare by adding A LOT of hoppers that are more for hardcore players if this assist is available in beginner lobbies.


Thanks for the clarification Helios :+1:

So, what you’re really saying is that this was added to the game to get the Mario Kart level players to buy this game? Please don’t insult us by saying its not a cheat. Everyone knows that it will be used exactly to do that. That someone from Forza would actually say its not a cheat is mind boggling to me. The corner cutters are just licking their chops waiting for this. So, give an assist to the group of players that hurt your game more than anyone, that makes perfect sense…

It has no place in the game at all. In all honesty, I’ve been undecided as to whether I was going to even bother with FM7. This assist pretty much makes my decision for me. The only way I’ll buy FM7 is if PC2 and GTSport are both flops.


“… this was added to the game to get the Mario Kart level players to buy this game?”

Sounds like exactly that. Same thing when assisted steering and assisted braking were added. Big whoop.

“Please don’t insult us by saying its not a cheat.”

Disabled for Rivals and the common (non-beginner) hoppers. How are you going to cheat with it?

[edit] Sorry… perhaps you spend most of your time in the beginner hoppers? [/edit]