New expansion to Horizon 1

Forza horizon 1 needs a new cars and map expansion

Please comment and help for this to be possible

T10 are done with FH1 - if you want different cars and environments you will need to move on to FH2.

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First of all it needs a fix of the broken Reward System…6 weeks and still nothing (beside Achievements and Days Played) is updating at all…

forza horizon needs new rims

You guys need Horizon 2.

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I know that feeling, until last week I only had te 360. I decided to get the F6 XB1 combo and move on. I can imagine not everyone has the finance to just walk into a store and pick up an xb1 or wants to pick up an xb1.

I am sure there will be no more devellopment on FH1. I would love to have more “policing” on the playground section in multiplayer… every race i am in, cars are jumping over buildings, back or front end is half underground, dont get me started on the social races section… and why oh why does every multiplayer session have to be an open mic night… i don’t want to hear fathers yelling at their kids to go away because they are bussy, mothers who are yelling or telling their kids to stop playing (inlcuding complete conversations in all languages)… just turn of that #### microphone. if you arent going to use it for communication in between players.

Weird conversations through the mic have always been part of multiplayer, and more likely will always. If you see cars jumping over buildings, under the ground, going back and forth (something hateful for Playground), it is something called lags, generally linked to a bad Internet connection. Sometimes, only one person ruins a whole lobby :frowning:

By the way, Horizon 2 is also available for Xbox 360, but it is far, very far away from the Xbox One version in terms of graphics/physics, bugs… But, at least, it solves a few issues people are having with Horizon 1, the map and more cars.