New dlc porsche carrera 992 - poor quality modelling / wrong gearbox (no 8th speed)

This is exactly what is alarming and people just jumping into the bandwagon of defending the devs. It’s ridiculous.

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If they aren’t PDK ratios they are probably from the manual. Simple case of different jobs being done by different people.

Can it reach S2 class? What’s the power band like? It might even be most efficient with 6 gears from launch to max speed.

I don’t have to explain myself. If you see the likes of previous Porsches and then compare them to the new 992 you’ll see the differences in model quality. For example the Ferrari 812 is an amazing car model. The attention to detail both inside and outside is remarkable. If you put it alongside this 992 the difference will be huge. The new M5 is hideous. The new Cayenne as well. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of defense just see the evidence in front of you. I won’t be lowering the Forza standards just because you consider a poor quality of a car a minor issue. Also what may be minor to you may be a great deal to me. The point is it’s an issue. And an alarming one. This has to do with paid cars. We shouldn’t justify this new trend. If we do, the next thing is something that you consider major will be affected as well and then you’ll be on the forums asking for answers. I don’t play Forza as if it was a NeedForSpeed title. I run all my cars stock and appreciate them for what they are. An 8th gear is a massive difference in the character of the car. 8 gears mean shorter gear ratios which means the car will accelerate faster compared to a 7th gear car. How can that not be important?

Also for some people wrong gearbox is more important than a wrong set of wheels. See what I mean?

The fact of the matter is, this has to stop. If they can’t release quality finished products then they should wait. If you say it’s ok to get new DLC cars with poor quality and wrong specs then you’re enabling this trend. I demand the Forza quality of previous cars for all the new upcoming cars, specially for the flagships. The car quality in a Forza game is where I draw the line. If this continues I won’t be bothering with FH5 and I won’t be alone either.


At least if you switch it to AWD you can think of it as the Carrera 4S.

Your “attention to detail” argument amounts to “it looks too glossy”. Next.

There’s no bandwagon in defense of Forza. For every guy who supports the devs there are like a hundred ones like you who nitpick everything, complain about DLC, features, etc. We’re here everyday and we see posts like yours everyday. Even we complain from time to time. You’re no special snowflake.

There’s cars in the main game much worse than the M5. One example from BMW: 1997 M3.

The 992 is likely going to use the old 991’s 7 speed manual; that’s what’s probably used in game.

AWD swap for which class? I lead a team adventure to victory with 1st-2nd-1st earlier in a RWD Diablo, S1 class. 45% front, no aero.

The 992 greatly profits from AWD swapping on S1 because it loses PI through this. Thus, new builds open up which are impossible to do with RWD. I could not match the pace of my AWD build with any of my RWD builds. And I’m someone who normally avoids AWD-swaps at all costs.

I’m in the cockpit view and it seems normal. The steering wheel is perfectly visible. And the model looks good in-game, though the Forzavista version appeared to be low detail for some reason. The steering wheel is oddly oblong, though it may be like that in the actual car, I suppose.

Nothing wrong with the model here.

I really like the car. It handles great, and you can really place it where you want.
It is becoming my favorite car very fast.

I did notice that the 8th gear is not present and that is a mistake. But in real life the 7th and 8th gear are more to lower the fuel consumption so ingame I won’t be bothered by it much.

Best car from the carpass till now.

Nobody has mentioned that if you change the brakes for the Race ones, the disks are smaller than the stock ones?
I know it is picky, but c’mon…nobody in PG checked that??
Also, what’s with the wood interior??

Manual transmission is not out yet. Porsche has already informed this.

All I know is that it still capable of jumping over 1000’ off of cliffs and just keep on going, so it’s accurate enough for me. I haven’t checked to see if I can swap in a V10 TT and add AWD and rally suspension yet. I’m very discerning about the details.

Dude…I seriously don’t know what your problem is with the model of the 992. You are writing a whole lot “it’s bad” here and “it’s low quality” there but where is it bad exactly? Is it low poly? What do you mean by “it looks plasticy”? Is it wrong somehow? I just took it out for a spin and then a 997 GT2RS and the 991 GT3RS, took some photos of them and I simply don’t get your rant about the model. The 8 speed PDK is debatable but the model being bad is just complete nonsense and I usually don’t go that far but I’m shelving your rant under trolling or just some random hate “cuz it’s cool”.

For me the car looks perfectly fine, the cockpit also is very good, I especially like the wood on the inside and it’s quite cool to drive. The only slight wish I have - make those chrome window trims a separate painting group, I want to paint them black, that would look better IMO but that’s just my taste and not the fault of the model. It also is an option on the real deal.

As much as I might complain about the wonky engine sounds, if anything, the modelling of the cars is rather fantastic on the Forza games.

It’s ok, not fantastic, but on a good level. Only complaint is FOV, it is a bit too close to the wheel even with increased fov in options.

Yeah on that we can agree, but that’s no modelling issue. In fact a lot of cars got that problem in FH. The simple solution would be an even wider FOV but I would rather have moving seats like in TDU, I don’t have that much trouble with being too close to the wheel, but in some cars it kinda feels like the camera is too high, like the 430 Scuderia, it doesn’t really feel like a low Ferrari and it even goes to that extend , that you get clipping errors on the CLK GTR.

Well I never said there is any modelling issue with 911 992. The FOV is messed up in FH4 for sure, 911 GT1 is another perfect example, you feel like you are biting the steering wheel.

anybody having the issue of seeing the car in the upcoming dlc tab but not actually being able to redeem it? despite owning the car pass…?

Edit: got it now…

This Porsche looks awesome ! Very good speen and handling.