New club exclusive

Just want to see / try and get new members to join an exclusive club (Audi Club Worldwide) [ACW!]. it’s aimed obviously at Audi owners it’s invite only just now to see what we can do at the moment member wise so if you leave your gamertag and a picture of your Audi/'s we will send an invite to you. I’m the owner of the club (gamertag TheAudiStalker) here is my highly tuned B7 RS4. Rolling Shot B7

We are recruiting in our new club (audi club worldwide) [ACW!] and want to see your Audi’s…

here is the club owners highly tuned B7 RS4
with some new mods to it as of yesterday Club vinyls and new alloys now sitting on 20" Gram Lights 57 optimise

now back to seeing your’s post below.

Hey! I’m @02A4kid from Instagram. My GT is B6A4Gamer. I have too many audis to pick just one and post hahaha add me I’d love to join!