New Cars Are Finally Unlocking

I am at Collector Tier 43.75 (almost 44) with 750 cars. New cars are finally unlocking. Today, I purchased the 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and the 1997 Honda Civic Type R Forza Edition.

Keep them coming T10.

The Veyron has been in the level rewards list and unlockable for a while. The 97 Civic Type-R FE was just added yesterday.


Thanks. Not sure why the Veyron took so long to appear in my Level up. Maybe more unlocked cars will be offered.

It took the veyron till after level 400 to get for me and tier 32 or something, others got it plenty of times. I think it’s completely random. Wish more cars were placed in there…

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I’ve seen it several times, just never picked it up. It can stay locked as far as I’m concerned.


It never appeared for me either, neither has the Foxbody Mustang FE :frowning:


I got the Veyron twice. Once at driver level ~235 and again before 500. I’ve never seen the ~90’s mustang FE come up. The civic FE was my very next level up car today.

Mine too.

took me a few levels to get the civic FE

I am currently at 44.75. I missed the Chevelle SS FE and never got the luck in getting the Falcon that was gifted. I have every other car so far through in-game events.

Yes, got the 1997 Honda Civic Type R Forza Edition last night, as a level up award. Let’s hope there are more to come.

I’ve got three of the '93 Mustang FEs, but you can’t auction them - you get an “invalid listing” error when you try to create the auction. Holding on to them in the vain hope this might be fixed one day!

How did you get 3? Level up?

I’m over level 44, like ~600 of the 10,000 to 45, didn’t think I had missed so many cars!

I do wish I had known about the chevelle fe, iirc it was a short weekend event?

Yeah, level-up rewards, not long after the game came out. I think they were maybe removd from the reward pool, same as the Monte Carlo Donk - I got a few of those as well, but was able to sell them.