New bugs keep appearing

Love Forza Motorsport 8 but I’ve noticed a few new bugs appearing.

The most annoying bug is when racing, without going off track or having had an accident, the car inexplicably has a catastrophic loss off power in a particular gear. Changing down resolves this, but changing back up there is still a power loss. This never happened until a few weeks ago.

Secondly, down shifting sometimes results in an accidental double down shift causing a spin. Again, this has only started happening recently.

Thirdly, when exiting any race or career serious the game crashes. This has always been occurring. No idea why as I’m using an XBox series x with Logitech peripherals.

Anyone have any idea why these issues are happening?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @nobbyjobby9399. All bugs and issues should be reported at the FM troubleshooting hub only. Please change the tag of your topic.

Sorry for that. However the forum is so difficult to navigate I probably won’t be able to carry out your request.

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You can flag this post or just delete it and create a new one or change the tag of the post. Click on the :pencil2: to edit this topic. then click on the suggestion hub tag and change it. Easy.

I am getting more used to the forum now. Took a long time for me to understand it though. Just so you now the power loss issue and down shift issue was because I had accidently trapped wires from the steering wheel. I played an F1 game and realised that was also paying erratically. I’ve bought a new wheel and pedal set and everything is working fine now. Thank you all for attempting to help me out.