New Action Adventure Series Set in Horizon Mexico


The Twisted Lime Trail

A new fan-made video series shot in Forza Horizon 5 with many embellishments and a good deal of video post production. View the series trailer here:

Episodes are at the playlist here:

A lime farmer (Tadeo Sendera) and a pilot (Anna) unexpectedly discover themselves embroiled in a secret smuggling operation in the aftermath of a jungle plane crash. Trapped by their combined physical and situational circumstances, Tadeo and Anna figuratively retrace their steps in an attempt to uncover answers, and look for a way out of both before their looming cargo delivery deadline. Meanwhile, back home, Tadeo’s faithful employee (Jesse) attempts to stay one step ahead of their employer’s henchmen in his Dodge Dart.

This action-adventure series includes plenty of car chases in and around the beautiful Horizon Mexico landscape. It primarily uses the characters, props, settings and multiple game mode clips from Forza Horizon 5. A limited number of supplemental non-game elements like cell phones, computers and plane interiors were added where they don’t occur in the game but were necessary to the plot. A few of the non-player-character clips are from Horizon 4. For some reason, the NPCs in Horizon 5 don’t wander around.

Episodes are short. They range from only 2 to 5 minutes, excepting the finale. There shouldn’t be any ads, in keeping with Microsoft’s content restrictions. If some get added later, I didn’t put them there.

The series was designed to be appropriate to all ages in the spirit of the game. Language is mild. The “illegal” cargo is generically referenced, but never seen. And violence is limited to the types of wreckage typical in the game. No guns.

Episodes will drop weekly beginning September 13, 2022.


very creative! pretty cool