Let me start by saying, I think Forza Horizon 2 is excellent. And I believe this genre and this franchise still have huge growth potential. But, this thread niether for a** kissing, nor is it for bashing. It’s merely for us to talk about what we dislike, and what we want improved.

So, here’s what I’d like fixed / improved, either via patch, or at least fixed for future Horizon games… (my gripes mostly pertain to in-air-physics)

  • Air physics!: Why won’t you allow us to rotate/spin a vehicle left or right from a jump? You have all sorts of ramps, jumps, hills, and gymkana playgrounds. Yet the physics engine forces our vehicle to stay pointing forward… If my car starts turning left while in the air, it magically starts turning right. And that sucks

  • Wheels slipping-out: While driving on two side wheels (drivers side, or passenger side), the car automatically ‘sliping-out’ from being on two wheels is not realisic. Normally that’s something that looks awesome, it feels awesome, makes for great montages, not to metion having that function properly would improve the overall physics of the game for everyone. Let us do it. It can be done in ‘reality’, but not in Forza. It’s as if Forza’s physics break-down after the car tilts more than 30 degrees in any direction, and again, it sucks.

  • Flips being interrupted: While in 1st person view, remove the forced cutscenes when the car does a flip! Let me complete a flip without interrupting, and resetting me to the side of the road. Lame!

For me personally, the map is starting to feel small, and the air stunting is gimpy. Imo we should DEMAND the next Horizon map be massive… 1,000 square miles. TDU and The Crew are in that range. Fuel was 5,000 sq. miles, last gen, incredibly huge mountains and canyons that could be seen from miles and miles away. It looked nice, there was little to no graphical pop-in, and it ran on 8 year old Xbox 360 hardware. So while I think a 1,000 sq. mile Forza would be extremely difficult, I think T-10 could manage it. And it could be greatest game of all time.

Do you happen to have any driving assists turned on? My cars seem to head in the direction and angle I would expect based on how I leave a ramp. I have never thought that game straightened me up.

No assists that I’m aware of… I’ll double check. thanks

No assists

1:46 - 1:49 Car jumps spinning right, lands spinning left

That’s because in mid air the front wheels turn all the way to the left - perhaps how you are holding the thumbstick - and so as the front wheels land, the car begins to angle and drive in the left direction AND THEN the rear wheels hit. This causes the car to turn left and then take off.

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Yeah. I’ve watched that a dozen times. I see nothing going on that shouldn’t. The front tires touch, and the car responds accordingly.

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I think i know the point being made now. There are two lots of momentum at play. One is the forward movement. The other is the rotation.

In Burnout Paradise you could do flatspins.

What the Op is expecting (I think) is for the rotation momentum to keep the car rotating. It actually stops rotating when it gets air. It does not straighten up as originally described - it simply stops rotating (in the air).

There are other jumps where it would be more possible to prove the point. I will try tonight. Try to do an e-brake flatspin off a jump.

I contributed the lack of continued spin to at launch to driver skill, it being a DomesticMango vid full of very precise car control. Just the right input, at just the right moment, and a definite controlled landing with intent. The “left turn” actually set up before the car leaves the ground.

I think the OP is wanting to do more of an ebisu-style skill point jump but doesn’t have the rotation before hitting the jump to continue spinning while in the air.

So hows it going?

I hear what you are saying about the map. TDU was virtually unlimited in size. I had so much fun exploring and visiting new areas. For some reason FH2 just doesn’t have that same appeal. I feel no desire to explore since I have raced in every corner of the map. There are still some roads I have not driven yet even still feel no real desire to find them.

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FH2 is running a much more sophisticated physics model than TDU, which cuts down on map size. Also, they needed the map to “fit” on the 360; a map designed PURELY for the XB1 could likely be far larger.


Totally agree. While they cut some parts (golf course, docks) out of the 360 version, I think FH3 for XO could and should have a huge map. Not the crew, but pretty damn huge (JAPAN?!). When you are doing cross gen, you can cut some out (or most if you are T10 gameplay wise - _-), but you cannot cut off half or more of the map. Everyone knows that. Maybe if they had a bigger map, it COULD be the best game ever - that is with a H1 styled SP campaign, and other additions that should stay in the wish list thread.

I think no matter what you say people will always say the same stuff, like “Oh TDU had a massive map so why cant Forza” without thinking how much time and space physics and graphics takes. Or even events, if they could’ve made the map bigger then im sure PG would have done it. There’s only so much that can be fitted on a single disc.

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No I agree. I am just stating my opinion that the map has not got me as excited as TDU did. Despite how beautiful it is. I just discovered all the roads with only having to fast travel to the last five. I’d happily install another disc for double the size.

Glad you agree.

Japan for FH3 would make a lot of sense. What are the big 3 car-producing regions? North America, Europe, and Asia, specifically Japan.

Horizon’s been to the first two…

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I think you are linking a lot of stuff together that in reality may not have the strong links you think.

I believe game development has a longer lead time and more complex development cycle than people think and therefore although some FM5 feedback may have influenced some aspects of FH2 (developed by Playground Games not Turn 10) I suspect a lot of FH2 was on the story board before FM5 feedback hit.

How do you know its the suits that need to listen? It might be the modellers who need to listen eg find a quicker way to churn out high def car models, come up with more efficient night and weather modelling? What if the suits have asked for that but the modellers have not delivered yet?

With regards to testing a 720 I have not done so. People were interpreting your post and the video you posted a few different ways so I did not know exactly what you were trying to achieve in the air. A 720 is what I meant by flatspin which was possible in Burnout Paradise

If a 720 is what you are trying to achieve then maybe try it and post a video. The video you posted is nowhere near an attempt at a 720 which I think is why people interpreted it different ways.

Hi Ed, I know there is a lot of time needed to make a game, but that’s not our problem, Hire a bigger team if you have to, but knock FH3 out of the park. That all I’m sayin’, and that’s what you and everyone else should demand as well. They’re the ones making the big money bro…

Them having an incompetent modeller again is not a concern of mine. That’s the man (or woman) in charge’s problem. If there’s an issue they’ll hire better staff. If the workload is too great, they’ll hire larger staff. None of that is my concern.

You and I both know F5 had influence on FH2, and failure with FH2 was not an option.

Fanboyism, and brand loyalty are… yeah you know.

10 people above me own the game, (including yourself I presume?). I’m sure some tried. If you can’t do a flat spin, then I don’t need to make a vid showing you that it doesn’t work for me either. lol
There’s an obvious auto-correct feature built-in.

Have a nice night