Negative Toe is IN or OUT?

I’ve always been under the impression that Negative Toe was TOE OUT, and I’ve googled this just to be sure. But in Forza, Negative Toe is TOE IN… I can’t imagine they’d get this wrong.

Huh… that’s crazy, I never knew. In real life I never refer to them as positive or negative, just in and out, like when I “tune” on my Traxxas T-maxx haha. Little nitro monster trucks love toe-out, but I was never aware of which was + or -. And if I had to guess I would’ve said the Forza had it correct, just because toe in decreases the distance between the fronts of the tires, toe out increases it… but that is apparently incorrect. Neat.

Negative TOE-IN = Toe Out (by definition) > confusing
Negative TOE = Toe In > least confusing (ANSWER TO OP)
Negative TOE-OUT = Toe In (by definition) > confusing

FM6 calls it TOE and nothing else. Therefore Negative Toe = Toe in (more stable, slower response) and Positive Toe = Toe out (less stable, faster response).


I actually ignore all explanations of things like this.

head right for turning ability - go too far and you get instability
head left for stability

Generally I keep the adjustments very close to centre though and generally tune somehting else unless the only remaining issues are in slow turns.

Thanks, this clears it up! Thought I was losing it… But what made it confusing to me (especially since Toe is usually expressed in negative/positive terms) is that the slider in the Forza tuning page puts a negative symbol next to the number if you move the Toe in, and a positive symbol if you move it out. It’s just as easy for me to ignore these symbols, but I still think they should swap it, as to be consistent with… the rest of the automotive community? lol Or just remove the negative/positive symbols works too.

It’s generally Camber that is referred to as “negative” and “positive” where I come from… Toe is “in” or “out”…

I will echo what some have already pointed out:

Toe OUT is when the front wheels will point away from each other, so that’s represented as a negative in the game.

Toe IN is when the the front (or even back) wheels point closer towards each other, which is represented as a positive in the tuning menu.