Need MANY more Tuning Slots

I am a tuner and I love to tune cars in order to race in dirt, rally and on road. As a result, at a minimum, for every car, players should be able to maintain no less than 3 separate tunes (one for dirt, one for rally and one for road). However, we also need to be able to make drift tunes and while I don’t drift every car, I should nonetheless be able to save a tune to do so. Finally, some of us keep tunes for different levels of cars (for example a C tune, B tune, A tune, and S1 tune). Long story short, I ran out of room to make tunes over two months ago. And, while it is true that I can go back thru and delete some older tunes out, there is no way to save them to a local disk in order to re-import them later and the process of manually saving them by writing them out to paper and then painstakingly recreating them in game is nothing short of a painful experience. Moreover, this absolutely destroys the FUN of likeminded players. So, I am asking that FH5 be patched to allow a minimum of 5x700 total cars in game) =3500 available tuning slots ASAP. Alternatively, I am asking devs to make it possible to save tunes LOCALLY so that we can delete them from game and RE-IMPORT them when needed. This request has been made by many players over the years and seems to have fallen on deaf ears. A similar situation (lack of livery slots) also exists but I dont find those nearly as urgent… I have literally stopped competing online with friends in FH5 because I no longer have any room to make tunes without deleting others I may need. And, that is just plain messed up.

Please note that I already posted this with a ticket but it was marked solved with the suggestion that I post the matter on the boards as a feature or suggestion for discussion.


You have to rummage through circa 1,000 cars to find the tunes you can delete. No proper file manager. Absolutely crazy. I hope - no doubt vainly - they’ll at least make concessions on slot numbers in time for the expansion.

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While it may be understandable to have a limit for the cloud save, there should be a mechanic for allowing overflow to be saved purely locally (perhaps with a warning that that’s the case). And there definitely needs to be a better way to manage both liveries and tunes.

I could’t agree more with my fellow posters above me.
It seems that I reside in the niche of a " Collector ", i’ve been incredibly lucky to collect all but one vehicles ( I refuse to buy another controller ).
Everyone has atleast one tune either installed of saved such as D/C, B/A & S1/S2 , on my many favourite vehicles i’ll even have 3 or 4 of the same model to make the tuning even easier.

I’m honestly tired of haing to go through my garage once or twice a week to delete tunes because the system tells me i’ve too many.
Surely a file manager for liveries / tunes isn’t beyond the devs capabilities?