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Im looking for people to help me get better at forza im new to the game series so I dont know the first thing about how to better myself and make smart car decisions. Can anyone help me?

Do you happen to know why RWD cars lose their traction so much?

I was doing the Catalunya Endrurance, the game doesn´t let me set up the car and on the kerbs it loses grip and speed a lot, more than oversteer it just heats up the tires and slows down…

esp w/ RWD…easily and ever so slightly ease in the gas…Never hit the gas as your turning…always wait until you have cleared the apex of a corner… also make sure you’ve got traction and a clear shot out’ve the turn…and dont jam down the RT…easy does it…slowly squeeze. there are 2 baes on the HUD display above your speed, 1 is haw much brake your applying, 2nd is how much gas your applying…Hope this helps.
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Like Kingkillers said, easy on the throttle is key for fast times. Not just in RWD but FWD and AWD as well. FWD cars are just as easy to lose traction in but it feels different because instead of the rear coming to the front, it will just insist on plowing through the corner. As for hitting the bumpers and spinning, my only guess would be that there is something going on with the differential that’s causing that loss of power. Not saying that there’s something WRONG with the diff. The bumpers aren’t made of tarmac, so your wheel on it isn’t getting as much traction (causing it to rotate faster than the one on the road). This will cause the diff to lock up and now your grip tire (the one still on the road) is rotating at the same speed as the one on the bumper, but its got more grip and is going to basically push your car into a spin. Best advice I can give here is when you’re driving a car with a stock diff, the fastest line is going to be tapping the bumpers with the sidewall of your front tire.
Hope that helped and wasn’t too much of a book lol. I’m sure there are racers that could have said just what I did in less words

I think racing in rivals mode is one of the best ways to practice. You don’t have traffic on the track, you can work on improving your lap times, and you can see exactly where you are losing time in your laps.

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Excellent recommendation for beginners of the series…my 3 cents