Need Help wiht tuning 1960 Chervolet Corvette

Hello Everyone,

I am an absolute novice in tuning. Have looked at couple of videos about it so still experimenting. I want to tune a cult classic 1960 Chevrolet Corvette. So any help would be appreciated. Also i have a question can the actual spec of the car be increased just by tuning it.

When i tried upgrading it i could only get it to S2 915 max while there are setups available in game for S2 987 i don’t understand how is that possible .


Tuning does not increase the PI only upgrading does.

If you are wanting to max out a car always start with the “swaps”. Go far right and check engine swaps, aspiration swaps and maybe drivetrain.

After the swaps then go to the engine end of upgrades and max out the items in there.

I suspect you missed a swap or you missed an upgraded version of a swap eg race version of turbo or something like that.

As far as tuning what are you wanting to use the car for? If it was me I would keep the C1 Corvette in about B class not S class…but that’s just me.


I see, thanks for the tip will try. Just using the car for the Cult Classic tournament.

Cheers . :slight_smile: