Need help running my corvair monza

I have tried tuning it multiple times but can only get to run 10.15-10.34 on QTR mile I have race other people with the same car and they just pull ahead can anyone help me get a faster tune

I can try to help. What are the specs on the car?

Tire front 55 rear 35
Final drive 3.85 1st 2.59 2nd 1.73 3rd 1.30 4th 1.00 5th .85 6th .73
Camber -3 both toe 0 front caster 6.2
Anti rolls 32.90 33.10 rear
Springs front all the way stiff rear 403.5
Slammed ride hight
Damping rebound front stuff all the way rear 1.7
Same as bump stiffness^^^^
Differential accel 100% decel 75%
Corvette z06 motor swap boosted everything upgraded excepted the roll cage stick still didn’t help it go any faster

I got your setup to run a 9.925… Mine runs a 9.61

How is it possible to swap that motor into that car??? Wow.

It was a typo. He meant ZR1

It was a typo. He meant ZR1

I didn’t realize any v-8 would fit in there.

I will also work with it and see what I can get. which track was you trying this set up on?
The reason I ask is because you can get some time differences between tracks.

We ran it on Sedona.

Hmmm, wonder if I could find one of those kits. lol

Wow, I had no idear.

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