Need good tune for xclass mercedes c9

i am looking for a good fast all around tune for my x999 c9

I only race the C9 on Ovals, but there are all-Around tunes in the Forza 4 Storefront.

I have a good sunset and test track oval I am in the top 200s in x

the c9 can be a good all around car but is best suited for ovals and big tracks like le mans and road America I think I have 1 some where in my many tunes ill see if I can make 1 and put in my sf for you ill let you know “onelapmagic” deadlights tuner

I have some Sauber tunes on my SF, it holds top 100s on many circuits (and that’s me in it!), do check them out.

If you need any advice or have any feedback regarding the tune don’t hesitate to ask!

i will give them a try