Need Advice On Setting Faster Lap Times

Hello everyone. I’ve been playing Forza 7 a lot lately and would like to consider myself pretty good at the game. I usually land top 100 on leader board times and have a couple of times in the top 10. There are some tracks though (Circuit of the Americas, Laguna Seca, Sonoma and VIR) which I feel like I’m driving really fast and pushing the car to its limits, but my times will be a good 5-10 seconds off of the guys in the top of the leader boards. For example I’m in the Forza GT division right now hot lapping Circuit of the Americas (full circuit) in the BMW M3 with the same tune as the guy in 4th on the leader boards and my best lap is a 2:09:468, which included a rewind so it was dirty. Everyone else in the top of the boards is putting down 2:05-2:06 and I just can’t find where to get the extra speed from. I’ve been running around on free play with my own ghost, but that’s only helped me be more consistent and hasn’t improved my lap times at all because I already know the track and I simply cannot push the car any further.

Any suggestions on something I could do to try and improve my laps times on certain tracks that I seem to be struggling with?

The only things i can think of is to brake less and stick to the inside as much as possible, you could also try tuning your car or using other peoples tunes

If the issue is with specific tracks, try watching the replays of the faster racers whose tunes you are using to see their lines/gears/breaking points. If they set their time recently, you can also try racing their ghost in rivals mode (which still earns you credits etc) for a direct comparison to see if they are breaking later into a corner or employing the classic “slow in fast out” technique on a corner where you might be breaking too late