Nearly finished all leagues - disappointments in FM5 though...

Even though i don’t have this same issue with money as the op because I play it differently, this is the kind of problem that bothers me the most about this game and turn 10s design decisions. In past forzas you could make enough money in any one facet of the game, you had people that didn’t race at all but sold paints, you had people that only played multiplayer, people that only played rivals, people that only played free play, people that used the auction house to buy low and sell high and then people who just played career mode. Any of those single things you could’ve made money. But in forza 5 you have to do a little bit of them all to just finish the career mode which is crazy. They spoke about their algorithms of player data from past forzas to make these design choices, but yet the only one they seemed to have catered to are the people with “excess income” to buy their way to beating forza. You cant sell paints or tunes, you can’t sell or buy cars at auction, rivals pays alot less now, you only make money if you own the car in free play, if your not vip and didn’t use forza rewards according to the op you can’t finish career mode even with the economy update. Don’t get me wrong I play this game everyday and I enjoy it for the most part and ive made plenty of money so I don’t want to sound like I’m ripping this game apart but it does bother me when a player who wants to play a forza game the way he or she wants to play it, which is something turn 10 has always been about in the past, can’t.

if you just want credits there is a glitch that will get you a ton of credits. once they remove the bad time tho it’ll stop.

go to rivals, go to time attack b class. now scroll over to the last silverstone track that looks like a triangle and press y to show the leader boards. make sure the top name is red. its stumpy something and has a -5 second dirty lap time so any clean lap you do will beat it. press a and when it asks if you want to choose them as rival press a again. run 30 laps making sure atleast 1 is a clean lap and the pay out will be 1.2 million and should only take you about 35 minuets. if you want more money rather than hitting continue go right to restart and do it again.

when that glitch is fixed the quickest way to make money will be going to freeplay, choosing the chevy indy car, loading the tune that is named 38 second lap, turning off all brake assists, setting dificulty to unbeatable, and doing a 50 lap race. with race bonuses and level up rewards it should get you over 300k in just over half an hour.

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i’ve only done 1 league and some series but i’ve got 10,000,000 cr cause i done a lot of credit grind on the indy track with everything off and 20 laps.(btw i got gifted the lotus e21 so after i earned some money (2,000,000 cr) i got an indy car and i do it in that now)

It all depends on settings and game related aspects how quickly you gain credits but I must confess I never ran into any problems. I try to keep my balance above 10 Mil so I can buy the cars I want and I have most F1 and Indy cars in my garage.

No assists = 55% bonus, Unbeatable = 65% bonus, plus 70k credit for VIP with each level was more than enough to get me through the early races.

Do some extra rivals and free play if credits become tight.