Nearly finished all leagues - disappointments in FM5 though...

I’m on the last league in the Career now, doing the V8 and Indy championships with the 2 formula 1’s left to do. I’ve got gold in all races so far, and would like to complete the leagues to satisfy my completionist tendencies!

The problem is, I CAN’T, I don’t have the credits. I have only bought cars for the leagues I’ve been entering, even reusing some for multiple championships. I’ve had my 3,000,000 credits from Forza Rewards, and have pretty good settings on my race bonuses (usually works out about +45% CR)… With all that, and the gold wins in the hundreds of races earlier, I’ve got 1,000,000 credits left, but need to buy both a 1970’s F1 car for 1.6 million, and a modern F1 car for 2 million (IIRC)… This isn’t going to happen, and I refuse to pump another 15 GBP into the game for Tokens. I’ve already paid for a complete game!

As a diehard fan of the Forza brand - this has annoyed me somewhat.

The other thing I discovered while investigating why my Drivatar sync is only 50%, and has been for ages, is that the entire league section only exposes maybe 25 or so tracks + variants for me. There are whole tracks and track variants that I’ve never even seen, and didn’t know were in the game! Tracks like Prague Full - Reverse, and old Le Mans. Why haven’t I been given these in the hundreds of league races I’ve done so far??? OK, I know that I can get to these in the custom matches, but I’ve never used that section of the game. Again, colour me slightly annoyed.

Sorry for the early morning rant, but I thought I was on the final push to all gold, only to discover that there is a lot of grinding ahead to build up the credits for the cars I need. Any tips would be much appreciated!

You should find Prague Full Reverse in Early Sport Compact, Modern Hot Hatch, Ultimate Track Toys, and Classic Sport Compact.
The Old Mulsanne Circuit in Middle Grand Touring, Timeless Supercar, GT Racing, and V8 Supercar.

But true, these are in the Bonus races, and repetitive tracks far outnumber them.

Ahhh - I see, yeah, I’ve not been doing the extra races - far too many NORMAL races to do !! Haha… OK, so I need to basically go back and do some of those for the Drivatar updating - but what about the lack of credits? I mean, even if I do those, I’m only going to get 5-10 K per extra race, not enough to get me 3 million more credits!

I am not sure how much CR you will get per race, but you will rank up at 35k-70k depending on if you have VIP and your car affinity will increase too. So you should be just fine.
Also, are you getiing your forza rewards? If not you should sign up for that and the higher your tier, the better the prizes every month. I have received 7 mil+ CR


I personally could only make it through maybe half… though I was doing the “Extra/Bonus” races for each league.

Just started getting dull and frustrating… Some PC titles have also started taking up my racing time… cough pcars, assetto corsa, RE3… (non iRacer)

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next month is near, so you will probably get some nice rewards again, plus do the bonus events as has been told, it increase your drivatar sync (you still wont get 100percent though) and you will get the needed credits for your cars to finish the leagues,
true, I did get more rewards to start with than you, but I played career by doing just enough bonus events to be able to finish all the leagues - so I didnt really need to struggle for credits
plus you can play the other modes as well to earn some credits

as to your OP, if you would want it changed, you can post in the game features wish list and ask for some more ribbon variety in league races

I had about 12 million credits when I was done with Career + all the bonus races

Jeez - how come! I have literally only bought one car that wasn’t needed for a league. How much do you get per race? I only get between 5 and 10K…

To earn lots of money, you need to run with assists off, have drivatar difficulty turned up (you only need to finish 3rd to get gold), and focus on a single MFG at a time until you max out affinity. Running Pro or Unbeatable, I probably averaged around 15K a race in career.

I’m a VIP and I used Drivatars between Expert and Unbeatable, no assists except auto clutch. I’ve also got about 3 miljon in Forza rewards

Hey - my profile is showing me a Tier 1 and 0 total and driving since ‘0’ !! ? Is it saying that for you guys too? (20 minutes ago I had values in there!)

this happens every now and then to all of us, the new forum is still being tweaked so it will be sorted out later on I guess

Sounds familiar.

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I’m almost through all the career with no probs, i have all the cars i need, just don’t have the time to do the races

Try going into the rivals mode. If I had to guess I would say I get about 500,000 credits in about an hour. Of course it depends on your cars affinity, bonuses for assists being off,
rival bonuses, etc. I find the easiest track to run is the Indy oval. The more consecutive laps you run the more credits you will get and there are fewer turns at the Indy Oval to wreck. If you give it a shot I have a pretty good tune that should get you to the top 100 (only in X class with the Target DW12 so you would have to have this car already which it doesn’t sound like you do). I think I am in the top 25 (Top 10 hardcore) although I haven’t checked in a while. Search for my gamertag Snack 31 if your interested otherwise there are plenty of other tunes out there as well. The trick is to enter the turns early and stay low through the corners. I find the rivals mode much more fun than the leagues so if you haven’t tried it yet you are in for a treat.

Like others have said run the rivals. But don’t just go after your friends list. Chase those in the near me section first. Also use a car with maxed affinity you will earn more credits.
Good luck I got wrapped up in rivals and have a long way to go in league

Interesting - I’ll certainly try that - I do actually have the Indy car, its only the 2 F1 cars I can’t afford currently!

The key to good income is to LEVEL UP. Each level up is worth 35k for normal players and 70k for VIPs. Running rivals and getting into top 1000 will get you good results and you can jump into one track after another. Highest achievable Drivatar sync right now is 94%. I have gone through ALL possible tracks, including the drag strips.

  • Indianapolis oval in Freeplay is a great way to get income. Laptimes are short (40 seconds or so) therefore a 30 lap race only lasts 20 minutes but you get much bigger bucks for the time invested.

Strickly from an earnings to time spent standpoint, indi oval laps probably do yield the highest payout, but that to me, would be the most tedious, boring way to grind out money. I would suggest running rivals on some of those tracks you haven’t done yet. Try out a few cars. Have FUN playing the game and the money will roll in.

I made most of my money from online multiplayer races and a bit from rivals. I hardly played career at all.