NCP quality of life and diversity

One of my pet peeves with FH5 is the lack of diversity among the NCPs. There is one spot in Guanajuato where there are three female NCPs that are all wearing the exact same clothes with the same body/face standing together and another identical one within two car lengths of them. There are no NCPs wearing clothes from the outfit customization, with artificial limbs, or lots of other variation possibilities. It’s like there is a massive human cloning industry in Mexico that is more noticeable than the one in the UK in FH4. I wonder what an NCP thinks when they look over and see a doppelganger standing just 10 feet away.

And the NCPs don’t seem to have much freedom of movement. Sure there are a handful that lean over the barricades at a festival site, jump up and down, or stand up at a table, but I have yet to see any NCPs actually moving around. In FH4 at the festival site with the Ferris wheel, you can at least see NCPs walking around in pairs and even one couple holding hands as they walk.

And if you don’t think this is important, just watch the movie “Free Guy” and you’ll appreciate that NCP’s feelings matter too. :slight_smile: