Navarra, Los Arcos

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The circuit is being updated this year:

MSV’s hands-on Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer has been instrumental in the layout changes, having lapped the track in a GT3 car soon after acquiring it and feeling improvements could be made.
He explained: "It was great fun, with some exciting elevation changes, but it was clear to me that it could be even better by changing the layout to make it faster and more flowing – there were too many slow corners. I then worked on ideas for a revised layout, and having sketched these out worked with Driven International to refine them.
“We then went a stage further and got Driven to produce on-board simulations with F4, F1 and GT3 cars, to ensure that the new corners would achieve what I wanted for a range of cars, which was particularly for the new T12/T13 S bend to be really fast, just requiring a lift on the throttle, or a light brake – these are always the most exhilarating corners to drive!
“It was also clear from talking to customers that removing old bumps in key areas was a priority, so we’ll be resurfacing those in the first phase, using the latest technology to achieve a smooth racing surface.
“These changes will really help to establish Circuito de Navarra as not just a good circuit, but a great circuit, for drivers and riders alike. I can’t wait to try the new layout in September myself, and more importantly hear the reactions from our customers using it!”