Narrow Tires or Large Tires for Blizzard Mountain?

Seeing that used by default on Blizzard Mountain expansion cars and knowing real rally cars use the most narrow tires on snow I quite dont get the difference in the game. Having large tire widths seems to give more control with a manageable drift and thus coming out more fast out of corners and overall in a race.

Can anyone confirm and suggest what tires should be used race-wise in this expansion considering players not using assists whom can manage oversteering?

PS: WTH with the Nissan Titan rim upgrade bug making the truck 4k pounds heavier, not noticed it yet? Give it a try.

Not sure? But the little I did play I found that the snow tires seem to have incredible grip. Better grip than normal tires on pavement.

I would suggest max width rear, narrow front.

I find the grip to be comparable to rally tires on dirt, if not the exact same thing. I really like how deep snow will slow you down and ice feels like ice. But I’d go with a narrow front and max rear. The front will make a path for the rear tires so they aren’t effected as much